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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Article Marketing: Building Your Business

If you are interested in building your online prescence, it is time to look toward Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

With the internet becoming the major method of exchanging goods and information, online retailers comprise a major portion of the internet.  The number of websites competing for customers guarantees that at least two websites, offering the exact same product, are in direct competition.  Most shoppers will search online and click on the first site that lists the product for which they’re looking.  In the vast expanse that is the internet, how can you guarantee customers will find your store?  The answer lies in article marketing coupled with search engine optimizationArticle marketing and search engine optimization with keywords are two powerful tools that will turn your online store into a major online merchant.

Article Marketing: What does it do for you?

                In the business of the internet, visibility is crucial.  Article marketing provides an opportunity to increase your store’s visibility to the online community.  For example, let’s say you have an online store that sells Frisbees.   You know which Frisbee is right for someone who wants to play in the park with their dog.  If someone’s headed to the beach for a picnic, you can point out the perfect Frisbee for them.  In order to help shoppers find your store, submit an article stating the benefits of using a certain color of Frisbee for playing with Fido.  The next time someone searches for the words “Frisbee,” your online article will appear in the search results and the potential customer will be able to follow a backlink in the online article to your Frisbee store.

                In addition to greater exposure, article marketing also provides you an opportunity to inform your customers about various products.  Going back to the example of the Frisbee store, let’s say a company releases a new style of Frisbee.  As an online retailer, you can discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the new product in an article marketing campaign.  As new products are released, each new article you submit will continue to increase your visibility and establish your reputation as a trusted source of information.  Customers tend to buy from retailers they consider trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Search Engine Optimization: Article Marketing’s Secret Weapon

  An intelligent article, complete with persuasive arguments, still has little chance of being at the top of a web search.  The next step to successful article marketing is search engine optimization.  When you initiate a search on the internet, you are searching for specific words and phrases.  Search engines such as Google or Yahoo have special programs that look for these keywords or keyphrases within a webpage.  Thus, pages with more keywords or phrases will appear higher in the search results.  In order to be successful in your article marketing, you must decide which keywords will be the focus for search engine optimization.

The Article Marketing Process Step 1: Decide which keywords and keyphrases will be the focus of the article.

                An article marketing campaign for cars will contain different keywords than articles written about yo-yos.  Your store’s product inventory or a review of a new product will guide you in the keyword selection process.

Step 2: Write the article

                The next step is to actually write the article.  A balance needs to exist between smart, engaging content and the inclusion of your chosen keywords and phrases.  Avoid the temptation to submit an article that contains nothing but the keywords or keyphrases.  Search Engines are able to penalize articles that consist of nothing but keywords.  At the end, be sure to include a backlink to your store’s homepage; this will allow the reader to find their way to your site with little trouble.

Step 3: Submit the article

                The final step involves finding a public forum and uploading your article.  A number of websites accept freelance article submissions and blogs are another arena to present articles. 

What’s Happens Next?

                After the keywords have been chosen, the article written and submitted, the process needs to continue.  As you place more submissions into your article marketing campaign, your ranking in search engines will increase.  That coveted first result on a search list is now within your grasp.  Whether you sell Frisbees, candles, or picture framesArticle Submission, how you take advantage of search engine optimization through article marketing will be a determining factor in your success.

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