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Friday, January 28, 2022
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Effective Marketing Makes Product Quality Insignificant

In regards to the internet when it comes to product quality, effective marketing plays a more prominent role in a persons buying decision!
Although high quality products are in demand and appreciated but your marketing success depends more on the strategy than the product itself!
Read more to see 3 reasons why your business success is more dependent upon your marketing efforts than the quality of the products you offer!

In regards to the internet when it comes to product quality, effective marketing plays a more prominent role in a persons buying decision! This is not to say high quality products are not in demand or appreciated but rather marketing success depends more upon the strategy than the product itself! The level of promotional activity you initiate has a bigger impact on the consumer because it increases your exposure. Of course this is all based upon the assumption the copy you use is engaging in some way!

Let's look at 3 reasons why your online marketing success is more dependent upon your promotional activity than the quality of the product you offer!


In many cases promotional activity will target comparing a persons own situation with those of others in more enviable positions. Let's face it we all want 'more' and 'better' therefore when we see how others are enjoying the 'benefits' of what we are being offered, we naturally want to do the same! In this way by using peer pressure tactics, many people are influenced into taking action and buying what has been offered! Ah, the need to keep up with the 'Jones' and have what they have!


As most of us are already aware it is not always the actual truth that sways our opinions or decisions but more the way we perceive something! Most people base their decisions on spending money more upon what they have come to believe and since nobody want so part with their hard earned cash theses decisions are usually emotionally based! This is why businesses big and small base their marketing success more upon the 'way' they make an offer and not 'what' it is they are actually offering! If people believe something to be true, than in fact it is, at least for them!

Filling A Need

Effective sales copy is sometimes capable of 'creating' a demand within the consumer by tugging on certain emotional strings. Targeting the sense of enjoyment, convenience or simply just a improved quality of life normally captures someone's attention. At this point the issue of whether high quality products are even being offered matters little in comparison to having these 'needs' fulfilled! This is why they say love is blind, since it is an emotion that can rob you of the ability to be rational. In this way targeting the emotions of others will be a more significant factor in your marketing success than any products you represent!

Effective marketing strategies carry more influence in a persons buying decision that whether or not you actually have high quality products to offer! Especially online people rely more upon the copy they read or the promotional activity they are exposed to when deciding to purchase something. The anticipation that a marketer can build up within somebody has a greater impact on their marketing success than the actual product does! This is due primarily to the fact that people are emotionally based when it comes to spending their money. As our discussion above shows, the most effective strategies marketers can use target the emotionsBusiness Management Articles, and when done successfully product quality almost becomes a non-issue!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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