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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Enticing Potential Clients to Choose your Service at your Web Site

Your web site sales copy matters. Did you know that 95% of small  businesses fail because their owners don't pay enough attention to giving their web visitors enough information about their service through magnetic sales copy?

Your web site sales copy matters. Did you know that 95% of small  businesses fail because their owners don't pay enough attention to giving their web visitors enough information about their service through magnetic sales copy?Whether you are a professional coach, consultant, small business person or professional, every business wants more new and return clients. Some of you are reluctant to use sales messages. You need to think of them as education for your clients as what you can do to help them with their challenge. They leave your site fast when they don't see benefits for them.Maybe you don't have a clear message. Or, what you do have doesn't give enough information for a buying decision. These big web mistakes prevent you from attracting all the clients you want.When you give yourself more time to really look of who you are, who your audience is,  and how you can attract others, you  will naturally correct your mistakes. It makes sense for you to look at your web site's sales copy and ask yourself these 10 questions. Check and Correct Questions to Ask Yourself  1. "What does my Web site say about me? Is it just another pretty face or does its messages take my readers by the collar and convince them to read more?"Tip: If this is your first Web site it probably hasn't attractedenough clients. If you are serious about using your site to attract more clients you probably need to give it a face lift.2. Does my  home page inspire new visitors to act? If you tell your potential clients about yourself without engaging them where they are now, you've missed a chance to get them interested. Most new sites make this mistake-they put up the company mission and bio about the consultant. But, your visitors  want to know you care specifically about their concern, and they will only stay if you show them you do. Tip: Keep your bio short. In fact, put the longer version on the "About Us" link. Put your mission statement there too. Tip: Engage your home page visitors with questions that ask them where are they now? Do you want more clients in your business, but don't know which way to go? Do you want a special relationship with someone, but don't do much about it?Would you like to know what's the number one thing that makes a book outsell others? 3. Do I  give my web site visitors enough reasons to want my service?When coaching small businesses about their service over the past six years, I discovered that most do not have a service sales letter. They think their personal or life coaching needs a softer approach. That may be true--that's why I developed a soft-sales letter that can be used over the phone, via email, and also on the web site. Tip: In your service soft sales letter include benefits that answer your client's specific, include features that let your visitor know what to expect--a sample session format, for instance. Keep your message focused on your perspective client. 4.  Will my readers know what they need to know to arrive at an educated decision? Tip: Within your soft sales letter, address your audience's resistances to using your service. These serve to make them more comfortable and want to know more from you. To prepare for this, create a list of common resistances to include: not enough time or  money or overwhelm with life's demands.5. Have I  included benefit-driven headlines with a link to take my visitor from my home page to my service sales message?Tip: It's not the copy that attracts people to you, it's the short, but powerful headlines that do. Ready to quadruple your present sales in just three months? Want to discover the three secrets to a successful relationship? 6.Does my sales letter or message about my service develop rapport and entice my visitor to contact you and buy?Tip: First, develop rapport by asking questions and engaging your audience where they are now. Then, be sure to give them a call to action within the soft sales message. Tip: To get a huge email list of potential clients, you can offer your visitor a special free report when they leave their email address.  Or, offer a free question and  answer button where they can ask a specific question about your service or about their challenge. 7.  Do my service pages offer different packages and ways to serve individual tastes and budgets?Tip: Marketing gurus say that most people want the middle package when offered several. Make sure you set this up to get clients to participate. For instance, "Click here now to find out more about the Introductory Session, the Busy-Person's Package, or the Committed Person's Package." 8. Do I  have the correct hyperlinks to my order page that make it easy for my client to buy? Or, if not an automatic offer, do I have both my local telephone number and my toll-free 800 one?Know that you always need to make it easy for your potential client to 'buy.'9. Have I offered an organized section of my site where my targeted visitors can get free content on my expertise?Without content, you web site won't reach to the top 20 in the Google search engine positions. Without content, your visitor may just price shop and leave you fast. Tip: To keep your visitors coming back again and again, you need to offer new content each few weeks. They keep coming back  because they recognize you as the savvy expert in your field. Write short articles and tips and post them in your "Free Resources" section. 10. Do I have a way to soft-promote and attract more visitors through my own Online magazine (ezine)? You may resist this step, but it's a really important one to establish yourself as the savvy expert and develop rapport with your audience. You build your list little by little, but when you use other Internet promotion such as writing and submitting articles, your list grows exponentially--viral marketing at its best.Tip: Write a short article or tip to be the main part of your ezine. Make it short and distribute it free once a month. A lot less work for you. Your coach writes her ezines ahead and takes a month's vacation while she's still promoting by email. When you keep your archived ezines on your site, you  boost your search engine placements. Finally, it follows that if you aren't attracting all the clients you wantArticle Submission, your web copy needs attention. Invest in this most important project before you lose any more.

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