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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Excellence in Writing

Excellence in writing is necessary in today’s internet world. Proper writing may make the difference in making a sale or not. Knowledge of correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is essential to provide quality work. Learning how to have excellence in writing will make a difference.

No matter what you use the internet for, most aspects of it include writing. It may be a letter, a blog, an advertisement, a website or many other opportunities. Often these may be used to earn money so you want your writing to show excellence. Ads or websites with misspellings may chase away a potential customer. The lack of quality in your writing may turn someone off when they see it as sloppiness and not a high quality web site.


Today we have more help at our fingertips than in the past. For example, spell check is invaluable in saving you time to find misspellings. However it is not infallible. It will not correct the wrong use of a word or the wrong grammar used. It will not help you with using the appropriate punctuation. Especially when typing, our fingers fly on the keyboard and we often may make mistakes like ‘you’ instead of ‘your’ or ‘an’ instead of ‘and’. Sometimes we mix letters up that still make legitimate words that spell check won’t catch. One example is ‘form’ instead of ‘from’.


Grammar is another area where spell check doesn’t always help. Using what sounds right isn’t always the best option either. Punctuation is also not usually helped by spell check either. So learning good writing is necessary when using the internet.


The best thing to do to catch misspellings after doing the spell check is to reread your work. You often will catch the missing or mixed letters or missing words. Don’t submit anything without rereading and rewriting.


Grammar is where you need to know some rules. Quite often, what sounds correct will work, but not always. You need to know how to make sure the subject and verb agree in their tenses. If this is new to you, you will need to get additional help with a good reference from online or a book.


Punctuation is another area that is hard for many people. More often than notBusiness Management Articles, punctuation like commas are used too often. So it is safer to avoid using them unless it helps to make the sentence clearer.


The best thing to do to make high quality writing is to reread when you are through writing. This will catch most if not all of your errors. Put yourself in the seat of the reader and see if the article makes sense. A good idea is to wait awhile before rereading. This will help you think clearer and may also help you to think of more descriptive words to use to add emotion to your writing.


Take pride in your writing when you use these suggestions that  provide you with excellence in writing. It will make a difference.

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