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Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Free Safelists - Do They Work Or Are They A Waste Of Time

After many years using free safelists I ask myself the most important question, do they work and how good are the results of free safelists and paid lists?

When I first started online marketing I was very quick to jump onboard with free safelists, I don't think I really need to tell you why? Its got the word free in the title, that's my reason. With so many people turning to marketing it becomes a very competitive place and sometimes money spent is money wasted, so if you use free marketing techniques as well as some paid you would hope to spread the amount of results you get among them. 

So safelists normally come in the free variety, in fact I've never used a safelist that wasnt free to join, so you are off to a winner right from the start, one of the hardest thing to do when you first start working online is to know which methods and techniques work and which are a waste of time and effort, so with that in mind free to use traffic methods are a must.

So we know they are free to join, but most lists will give you free credits just for signing up to them so again another huge bonus. What I try to do is sign up to a new list once or twice a week that way I get free instant credits to spend and send out a message (email) at the first instant.

The way in which safelists work means you need to read emails from other users to gain credits with these credits you spend on sending out messages to the other users of the list, so the more emails you read the more credits you get and the more members you can send out your message to.

So with the fact that lists are free to join, they all come with an upgrade, some with muiliple upgrade levels, what does this mean to you the upgraded??
Well normally huge extra credits just to say the least, banners ads,solo ads,login ads all come with most upgrades and for me the best kind of upgrade is one where you are allowed to send your messages more often. With the free level you can send a mesage out to a small number of members say anywhere from 48hours to one week, but with most upgrades you will get better options than this for example  -- insted of sending one mesage once a week to 2000 members if you upgrade you might be able to send out 10,000 members 3 times a week!! big differance and sometimes the upgrades are very worth the money.

But I'm here to talk about free safelists and do they have any benefit to new and old internet marketers?
Well I think they really do work but only if you stick to a few rules..

1.  use as many lists as you can
2.  Set up new email accounts only for your safelists
3.  be consistant, with everything online you must be consistant
4.  use the same subject line for a couple of days then change it!!
5.  the same people that have ignored the fiirst mesage you sent might be more attatted to a differant subject
6.  don't promote anything that costs to much, you will not have results.

Their are many more great tips to use and try but I want to keep to the basics, get the basics right and the rest will follow.
Free safelists are great to use for traffic, they are free and do workScience Articles, but you need to use a lot and be consistant with them..

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