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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Give People A Reason To Visit Your Web Site!

That is the single most ... thing to remember about ... website. Commit it to memory, and remind yourself of it ... make the mistake of thinking (all my hard work and all thegreat

That is the single most important thing to remember about promoting
a website. Commit it to memory, and remind yourself of it often.
Don't make the mistake of thinking (all my hard work and all the
great stuff, if I build it they'll come) Nothing could be further
from the truth! Here's the truth, No one cares about your web-site!
There are experienced Internet Pros that have forgotten this
important rule. And, in most cases to there detriment! Every
"SUCCESSFUL" web site on the Internet TODAY! applies this principle.

Let's just think about that for a moment! What prompts you to visit
a web-site, book mark one, return to one? That's right! They offer
you something of value. You don't visit a web-site to admire the
pretty colors or wonder at the unusual uses of font types. No! The
sites you visit over and over again, offer you something of value.

" They give you a reason to visit! "

To prove this point, given the choice between these 2 web sites
which would you choose? XYZ SOFTWARE, Offering you hundreds of
software titles for the lowest price on the market. Or TRYANDBUY,
Offering you that same choice of software at the same price, but you
get to use it for a month before you decide to spend your money on
it! Well let me think! DUH! TRYANDBUY Of course! The choice is
crystal clear, your going where your offered the value.

Ok! I can hear you now, who's he think he's kidding, where are we
going to get all this "FREE" stuff. Well for starters, the article
your reading right now! could it be of value to someone? Of course
it could, and presented as such you could give it to your visitors
FREE! Do you get my point? There are hundreds of things you already
have access to that would have value to your visitors.

There are any number of different types of web-sites out there, and
this rule works in every case. But, for the sake of brevity ( even
as much as I like to spout off ) everything from this point forward
will be regarding an MLM or Opp's site.

Here are two ad's for the same MLM or Opp's site.

1.Ten year old company just releases new marketing program. One time
purchase of only $20 produces self-replicating system for immediate
income generation!

2."FREE"! to our first 100 visitors! 1200+ free ad sites! And while
your there check out our self-replicating system for immediate
income generation!

Which of those sites would you go to? They even contain the same
word count! You and I both know number 2 is going to be the one
we'll visit. There offering us something of value and "a reason to
visit that site!"

Are we starting to come up with some idea's here? The type of web
sites we're talking about here are no different than the ones
selling tangables. We just need to understand our market nitch. Who
are you selling your product to? Well! for the most part other
people that are selling exactly the same types of things. Now that's
a tough market, selling the salesman. The other customer you are
looking for, ( and make no mistake about it they are customers) is
the person that is either looking for a little extra income or a
chance to get out of the rat race!

Keeping all this in mind, what types of things will induce those
people into your web-site?

First, and formost is "INFORMATION" There is not one of us that
isn't looking for more "information"!

1. How do I make a web-site? 2. How do I write an ad that "really"
works? 3. What is an auto-responder? And why do I need one? 4. Where
do I go to place my ads? 5. Where do I find news groups? And how do
I post to them? 6. What am I doing here and why did I think I could
make $$$ on the Internet? ( just added that to see if you were
paying attention!)

Another great traffic generator is to offer Resources and tools

This type of freebie can bring visiters coming back to your site
again and again!

This is where working together can be of great benifit! Take for
example 10 or 12 of you join forces and you each produce a quality
resource for your site. It could be just about anything, take for
example a site that offers the ability to search the internet in
different languages and one of your networking partners produces one
that gives out Awards for "COOL" or interesting sites. And a third
has a resource that allows you to access 1000's of graphic's, html,
java script and banner resources from 1 location.

By joining forces, and linking all of your sites together, (
possibly with a resource's button panel, at the bottom of each of
your pages) you now have a dozen different things that you can
promote to draw traffic to your site, and you only had to spend the
time and effort to produce one quality resource. The traffic flows
through all 24 sites. Remember to put the resource link at the
bottom of your site so your visitors have an opportunity to view the
page before clicking on the resource ( don't hide it, make it
obvious and prominent)

You now have the ability to advertise 1 site in 12 different
manners, in escence giving you 13 different sites. 13? you say, yes,
13. You have your original site, the one you built with your quality
resource and the 11 others built by your partners, WALLA 13
different ways to draw traffic to your site.

Here are 3 examples of what I mean! 1.Looking for a business on the
Internet? I have one for you! But First how about a "FREE" web site
to run it out of!

2. Ready to do business on the WWW? Come in and look around! While
your there Pick-up Our "FREE" Gift to you a $10.00 Calling Card!

3.Opportunities abound on the WEB! Take a short tour, and before you
leave PICK-UP the next 4 issues of a fresh ideas Ezine "FREE"!

Ok! I think I've made my point. As much as I would like to keep
blabbering I'll shut up now and let you digest all of the above
words ( opp's I was going to say of wisdomFree Articles, but I guess you'll be
the judge of that).

"Your Success Is Our Success"


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