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Friday, December 4, 2020
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How Much Traffic Is Enough

How much traffic is enough? I was ... with ... for an ad when Ijotted this down. My mind appears to bestuck. Ever since I thought of those ... I can't seem to stop.Is 1000 extra

How much traffic is enough? I was playing
around with headlines for an ad when I
jotted this down. My mind appears to be
stuck. Ever since I thought of those five
words, I can't seem to stop.

Is 1000 extra hits a month enough? How
about 1000 a week, a day, an hour?

Logic alone tells me that there is really
no such thing as enough.

How about setting goals for growth. As
we mentioned before, should I try to get
an extra 1000 hits a month?

That's not the answer. I think you should
have one goal, To build as much traffic as
you possibly can as quick as you can.

So how does one go about accomplishing this?

There are many ways. One of the more common
ones these days are traffic exchanges, such
as start page and surfing programs.

These can produce a lot of traffic. But the
real trick here is using those hits so they
"count". You can find out more about that in
my article "Surfing For Success"

There are a lot of them and some give higher
quality traffic then others. In fact with the
autosurf type programs becoming more prevalent
all the time, you don't even have to be there
to get credits and nobody's looking when your
credits disappear either.

I'm going to share a little trick you can
use to convert surfing with an auto surf
program into credits from one of the top
start page programs on the net. It may work
with some others but many of them will
approve your URLs, then turn around and
cancel them.

If you don't already have an account, open
one with these two.

Join KickStartHits


( Note: Feel free to use the home page URLs
to sign up for these traffic programs. This
article is certainly not about me getting
traffic sign ups. LOL )

Once you have accounts with both programs,
Set the URL where you send traffic for the
KickStartHits program to your NoMoreHits
start page. The page you use for surfing.

KickStartHits URL to send traffic =
NoMoreHits StartPage

Then set your NoMoreHits destination URL
to the website you want to receive traffic.

NoMoreHits URL to send traffic =
Your Website where you want traffic

Now just log in to KickStartHits and let
it surf while you are online. Watch your
NoMoreHits credits start building quickly.

Great way to get some quality hit exchange
traffic. NoMoreHits has the reputation of
being one of the top two or three on the
net. Set KickStartHits as your home page
and each time you launch your browser,
you will continue to earn hits as long as
your browser is on.

This can generate a lot of hits each month.
Combine this with the techniques I describe
in the following article:

This is a great technique to increase your
website effectiveness. But, is it enough?
Let's try for more!

Here is method that I ran across a while
back. The program is set up by Markus
Allen. I'm going to warn you before you
head to his site, Markus went overboard with
the pop-ups, pop-unders and a lot of other
things along those lines.

But and this is a huge BUT, results are what
counts and this one delivers. You only have
to suffer through the pop-up nightmare once
and you can build a nice surge of traffic.
Well worth the effort and putting up with the
pop-up network. :o) The nice thing about this
one is it will keep producing over a period
of time as well.

To get started, head here

Sign up for: FREE e-mail report reveals how to
triple your viral traffic to your Web site in
just 12 days. (It is the main program on the

Then just follow the instructions in the report
each day. This will generate even more traffic.
But is it enough?

Want more? You got it!

The first two methods I mentioned were both
free and both worth some very nice traffic.

This next method can be carried out free but
you had better have some time and submission
software. I would suggest to fork out the cash.
I try and find as many free methods as possible
but this one is worth every cent you'll spend.

As you have no doubt heard many times, getting
links to your site should be a very big part of
everyone's marketing strategy.

There are so many things to get done that the
work still overlaps from one day to the next.
You must pick and choose what is more important
to your business and your life as well. I
already work a 28 hour day and need to increase
that by at least 4 to 6 hours in the next few
weeks or risk the welfare of my business. :o)

I remember seeing my wife about six weeks ago
as she was heading out the door. I remember
saying, I should be caught up in another few
hours. I'm still not caught up, in fact, I'm
farther away from that goal now then I was then.

Come to think of it, haven't seen my wife since
that day. Did I offend you dear?

Search Engine and Link placement companies
have become very big in the last couple of
years. One of the biggest reasons this is true,
people just don't have the time to build a
successful link program or submit to the sheer
numbers of Search Engines required to make a

There is also the time it takes to submit to
those who require individual submissions. These
will make a huge difference to your traffic
when they are submitted correctly.

There are hundreds of people out there offering
to submit your website for you. Go over to Ebay
and take a look during any 24 hour period. You
will find a whole lot of auctions for this type
software. Prest-o,Chang-o, bid, win and we have
a fantastic company that will send, blah, blah,

Don't get led down this road. Most of the time,
this will get you nothing but some links you
would be better off without. Second, they will
do you no good with any of the search engines
that really count.

Check around with those who are finding success
on the net. One thing most every single one will
have in place is a successful linking and search
engine program.

I kept telling myself, it was a waste of money
and there were much more efficient ways of
spending my money.

How wrong I was!

After two months of having one of these companies
submit my site, the number of links to my site
is increasing rapidly. Before my site was submitted
there was no traffic from any of the major search
engines, now it is part of the every day routine.
The names Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite and many more
are the norm.

This was the best marketing move I've made in
the past few months. Just wish I had done it
a long time ago. Live and learn. Actually should
have just listened. Have been told numerous
times by successful people that it was a must.

Had to have the stubborn streak first. LOL

Here's one that has a plan to fit almost any
budget. There are more legitimate ones as
well. Recommend these guys because of the
quick reliable service. Great feedback on
them and the results they have gotten for
their customers.

Check out their Guarantees. This is a great
investment for your business.

Still not enough? OK, One more.

This one is for a very limited time but oh what
a sweet deal it is.

Here's the deal.

Go to

On the top of the page, click add your site.
Then go through the process of opening an account.
This is free. In fact, you will get $10 deposited
to your account for signing up.

After you have created an account, log-in.
Click on the link that says affiliate.

It will give you HTML code for a search box.
Put this search box on your web site. You will
get 10% for each click to any bidded site.

That's good as most sites are only paying 5%,
but that's just a tease.

The real bonus here is an offer that is not even

For the first group of affiliates who put
a search box on their site, you will get $20
deposited to your UltiFind account.

The kicker here is that you can lock this deal
in for life. As long as you keep a search box on
your site, you will have $20 deposited to your
account each month.

This is a phenomenal offer and as I said, it
is not even advertised. They are looking for
a few more webmasters to participate and this
offer will be ended permanently.

If you have a website, don't miss this great
opportunity. Take a minute and think about what
you can lock in for the future of your website.

To reserve your spot:

1. Join - Sign up for an account with UltiFind

2. Put the affiliate box on at least one of
your sites. Use as many pages or site as you
want. Remember, you will receive 10% of each
click through. Most are paying 5%.

3. Here's the gold! Send an email to

Include your username and the URL where the
search box is located. You are locked in for
life. You will now get $20 deposited into your
account each month that you keep a search box.

This is a can't lose offer. Not only will the
10% bring in some nice credit as this site
grows but money deposited into a Pay-Per-Click
for a Lifetime. WOW

Not sure how much longer this will last, so
better secure your spot now!

There are some pretty good ideas here for
generating more traffic to your site.

We started this article with the question:
"How Much Traffic is Enough"?

There is no such thing as enough when it
comes to traffic.

Instead, just keep on a building!

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