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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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How to get High-Quality TARGETED Traffic from StartPage Exchanges!

... your website via Start Page ... is a bit like holding up a sign at the airport - lots of people see you but nobody cares. ... with Start Page ... you set your browser hom

Promoting your website via Start Page Exchanges is a bit like holding up a sign at the airport - lots of people see you but nobody cares.
Basically, with Start Page Exchanges, you set your browser home page to display a special URL given to you when you join the Exchange and other members do the same. Their websites show up as your browser home page and your website shows up as theirs.

This guarantees extra hits to your website, but the quality of the traffic isn't the best. There's little or no targeting so your message rarely reaches the right people.

Furthermore, Start Page Exchanges are closed systems. In other words, your site is only being promoted to those people who are ACTIVELY using the system. The same surfer will probably see your website several times over.

Fortunately, with a little bit of work, you can devise a Start Page Exchange strategy that will get several systems working simultaneously and bringing in high-quality, targeted traffic - not just from members of the exchange itself, but from right across the Internet. Here's how it works...


Develop a web page especially for the Start Page Exchanges. This can be a page from your website (if it's a real attention grabber) or it can be something separate altogether. The important thing is that this page has got to scream "LOOK AT ME!"

Remember, the only people who use Start Page Exchanges are webmasters. If your own product or service isn't of interest to webmasters, it will be a hard sell. Find a product or service that has a good affiliate program and that's geared towards the needs of webmasters. Promote that product via your Start Page Exchange page. Try to offer something for free - an e-book, a demo, a free trial, or whatever. Many of the better affiliate programs will give you free stuff to promote. The ClickBank MarketPlace is a good place to start looking:

By way of example, take a peek at the page I use on the Start Page Exchanges:

Now that you've got an attention-grabbing page that's geared towards webmasters, let's move on...


This is where we add some extra elements to the page that brings in lots of extra traffic from outside the exchanges.

If you looked at my example page and then closed it, you'll have noticed that a separate window then opened in the background. That Window was 'delivered' by ExitExchange:

By joining ExitExchange (for free) and placing their code on my Start Page Exchange page, I get my website displayed to a surfer elsewhere on the Internet for every two times my Start Page Exchange page is visited.

Furthermore, ExitExchange offers targeting, so I can be sure that my website is being shown to people who are interested in what I've got to offer.

In my Start Page Exchange page I've also place an exchange banner at the bottom. Again, for every two times my Start Page Exchange page is visited, my banner is displayed on a book-related website.

These two steps have hugely increased the amount of traffic my Start Page Exchanges generate AND it brings in high-quality TARGETED traffic.

But it doesn't stop there! Let's move on to the next step...


Now that you've set up your Start Page Exchange page to maximize the return from each page display, it's time to maximize the amount of actual page displays you get.

Now, I'm sure you don't want to spend hours clicking through Start Page Exchange pages to generate hits, which is why you'll be glad to hear there's an easier way.

Simply download a copy of the "Fully Automatic Hits Generator", follow the simple steps and you'll generate tons of Start Page Exchange page displays automatically.

This simple automated system ebook will generate Start Page Exchange hits for you every day -- and the amount of daily hits you get will actually increase exponentially!

That means you'll be getting more exposure across a range of Start Page Exchanges, more displays of your website to a targeted market and, if you want, more banner displays across a range of websites.

To download a free copy of the "Fully Automatic Hits Generator" click here:

And there you have it!

A simple strategy that will transform Start Page Exchanges from low-quality, work-intensive promotional efforts into high-quality, fully-automatedArticle Submission, targeted traffic generators.

Get started right now and within days your business will feel the difference!

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