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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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How To Improve Your Profit With A Better Google PageRank

GOOGLE PAGERANK Every one with a business web site knows that the lifeblood of their business is the traffic that they can get to it, and that the Search Engines are a sure and economic way of getting...

GOOGLE PAGERANK Every one with a business web site knows that the lifeblood of their business is the traffic that they can get to it, and that the Search Engines are a sure and economic way of getting it... If... Your web site shows among the first 20 or 30 results when someone looks at a Search Engine For the keywords of your web site. Google is one of the biggest Search Engines (or the biggest) and thatīs why Google is one of the most used ones. If your web site has a big PageRank, thatīs one of the easiest ways to reach the first places on a Googleīs search, so many people think that what you should look for, is to have a BIG Google Page Rank. And what is the PageRank? PageRank itīs a measure of a siteīs reputation according to the quality and quantity of itīs in pointing links. How can you get in pointing links from the expert sites on your market? You can do it with a link exchange campaign, but most of all you can achieve it: Having good content! So for the same keyword, the page with higher page rank will rank higher on the searches, and a page with higher page rank linking to your site, will help you more to get a better page rank for your site. To determine the relevance of a web page, Google looks for keywords in various places of each web page, plus many other things and one of them is the PageRank, meaning that Google has a ranking where the best pages about each keyword have the bigger Page Rank. So the marketers and search engine optimizers started to manipulate the keywords, in order to have a bigger page rank, and soon the Search Engines noticed it and started to counteract creating extremely sophisticated algorithms to evaluate each web siteīs real page rank and banned the the cheaterīs web sites. And this is an endless dance, the search engine optimizers keep studying better ways to optimize the web pages, and the search engines keep evolving and creating evaluation methods that will tell them the truth about each web siteīs content and value. Many search engine optimizers will tell you that they know how Google evaluates the web site, but the real truth is that no one of them knows it! Maybe two or three people at Google really know it, and they will never tell it to any one because that will ruin their business. And which is Googleīs business? Googleīs business is to recognize what each web site is about and how good is at it, because they want to sell advertise, and they do it providing the best results on each search (including the page ads on the results). So their business is to provide targeted surfers to their advertisers. People find that the results are really related with what they are looking for, they click over the URL (sometimes over the free ones and sometimes over the ads) and they keep on using Google as their favorite search engine. To recognize what each web site is about and how good is at it sounds reasonable and easy for a human being, but itīs not easy at all for Googleīs robots. So Google creates algorithms to evaluate the sites and from time to time changes their algorithm in what it has being called "Googleīs dance". This "dance" of course irritates many people (the ones that try to discover what the algorithm is about) because when they get near to know how to artificially inflate a web pageīs value, Google changes the relevancy criteria. But the fact is that Google does the right thing. The want to be able to recognize what each web site is about and how good is at it, without mistaking good content web pages with well "optimized" web pages. Search engines as Google need to recognize reality and to give the proper page rank to each web site, and how do they do it? They check the on-page criteria and the off-page criteria...

  • On-page criteria evaluates the content of a web page (keywords, title, meta tags, body, images, alt tags, etc.)
  • Off-page criteria evaluates how the people react about it: what URL gets the click how much time people spends reading each web page how many URL link to that page, and how relevant (how big is the PageRank) are the pages that link to it etc.

And thereīs only one way to generate off-page criteria: with good content! Itīs you who know your business, and you are the best suited to write your web siteīs content and this is the basic idea. 1) Create web pages with excellent content about your topic. This will tell the search engineīs robot what your page is about. 2) Once you create a professionally designed web page as the ones that "How to Sell on the Web" helps you to create, donīt loose your time tweaking it to reach better places with the search engines, use your time to create more good content web pages. Keep on creating good content web pages until you have 20 or more. 3) Submit your web page to the search engines 4) Start a links exchange campaign. This will not only help you reach a higher pagerank but some search engines do not allow you to submit your web site to them and will only be able to find you through your inbound links This plan works as a snowball...

  • You write 20 or more good content web pages
  • You exchange links with some good content web pages
  • The search engines find that people is linking to your web pages and give you a page rank
  • You write more good content web pages
  • People find that your web site is a really good one and start asking you to exchange links
  • Search engines find that you have more good inbound links and give you a higher pagerank for more of your easy to win keywords (without tweaking your pages)
  • The higher pagerank gives you a better position on searches, this brings more visitors to your site, some of them buy your products or services and some others ask you to exchange links with them as the snowball keeps on rolling and growing you will get higher pagerank for your most competitive keywords too and without having to tweak your pages Is this an easy and fast process?

It should be easy for you to write about your topic, but it might take months to get a decent pagerank. You will find yourself writing pages and exchanging links without noticing any results... Donīt worry!

  • Keep on building good content pages
  • keep on looking for good inbound links
  • Keep on building good content pages
  • keep on looking for good inbound links

Donīt worry, persist... And you will succeed for sure! If you want an automate reciprocal link exchange program like the one I use to build my Easy Home Business Ideas siteScience Articles, you can download your free copy of from here: And if you want to "Make Your Links Work" and grow your site to the first 3 % download this Google PageRank Profit free ebook: Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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