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Friday, February 22, 2019
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How To Use Soft Marketing Effectively

It used to be a 10% off sale that brought everyone into the store with excitement.  Nowadays, seeing a 70% off sale is quite common.  Shoppers have taken note of such tactics, and it no longer proves to be effective.    

The changing needs of customers today require different marketing techniques than what’s been done before.  Today, customers can be quite skeptical when it comes to falling for sales messages. 


The problem with such high percentage sales on a repeat basis is that the public won’t see the point of getting excited.  As soon as that takes effect, there won’t ever be a big enough deal to bring people in with enthusiasm.  


Soft marketing is a much better approach to make sales today.  A number of the big companies have been familiar with this approach for some time due to their on-going marketing analysis.   


Coca-Cola is one example of a company that is investing more and more in soft marketing techniques.  Though their name has been made famous through the popular, high-powered TV ads, today their soft marketing methods have proved to be more effective.  The amazing thing about it is that it works without people even knowing that they’re being advertised to.  


One way Coke has used this technique is through TV and movies.  During the show “American Idol”, there are three judges that play a great role in attracting the 35 million viewers.  Each judge has a tall Coke cup in front of him or her.  In essence, these characters on the show are suggesting Coke to their viewers.  Though Coke pays a hefty amount for this, the rewards of product sales out-weigh the difference.  


Another way Coke uses soft marketing is through the sale of nostalgia products.  The hobby of Coke collectibles has proved itself to be successful.  Once one family member begins collecting, the whole family soon becomes involved, which usually means that everyone begins to love Coke products.  Also, anyone who enters the home will see Coke advertisements. 


Such techniques have given Coca-Cola great advancement in the soft drink market.  It’s become the icon for the most popular soda. 


Take a look at the three top tips for using soft marketing:


Tip #1:  Provide a free report on the topic of your product or service.  Contact your local newspaper to see if they’ll give you some free editorial space.  If your report is of interest to their subscribers, it’s likely that they’ll work with you.  For example, a realtor offers a report that describes what you should and should not do when it comes to getting a home ready to sell.  Then, the realtor becomes an expert in the mind of a consumer as well as some who genuinely wants to help others be successful. 


Tip #2:  Make yourself known as an expert.  If you can establish trust and credibility it will prove to be successful in any business.  Consider writing and submitting articles or press releases.  If writing isn’t your forte, you can hire someone at a very reasonable price.  Again, go to the writing service web sites.  Another suggestion is to join a “Private Label Rights” content site.  They offer articles that are already written that you can call your own. 


If you have a Downtown business, consider your local newspaper.  Make every effort you can to establish a relationship with them.  Getting your articles printed for free is a bonus if you are able to do so, but you’ll also find that buying the space is just as rewarding.


Tip#3:  Make associations with related, non-competing businesses.  A good example of this took place when a dry cleaning business partnered with clothing stores in the area.  The store would give away gift certificates to each customer who bought a garment.  The gift certificate could be redeemed at the dry cleaners for a free first-time cleaning and pressing of the newly purchased item. 


This led the customer to believe that the clothing store was paying for the dry cleaning.  In reality, the dry cleaning business was offering free services.  This was good for both companies.  In the mind of the customer, the store saved the day, and in the store’s perspectiveComputer Technology Articles, the dry cleaner saved the day.  Both partners gained in a wealth of new and repeat customers. 


Put any one of these soft marketing strategies into practice or take time to think up your own.  Try out a brainstorming session with other entrepreneurs.  You’ll be surprised to see what a little investment can do for you!




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