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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Joint Ventures: Your Path to Success

Have you ever wondered how Corey Rudl, Allen Says, Jerome Chapman, and other big time online ... got where they are today? Did you think they did it all by ... ... is no guru out

Have you ever wondered how Corey Rudl, Allen Says, Jerome Chapman, and other big time online marketers got where they are today? Did you think they did it all by themselves? Wrong.

There is no guru out there that reached the pinnacle of their success without strategic partnerships playing a huge part. You might be thinking, "Yeah, but I don't have those connections." Well neither did I when I started. And neither did any of the big boys you have bought a new info product or service from recently.

Everyone started somewhere on the net to get where they are today, and the biggest start you can give yourself is by making business partners out of the acquaintances you find as you travel the net in search of advice, information, and technical support.

One crucial aspect of finding joint venture partners is belonging to a set of communities closely or directly related to your business focus on the net. If you are selling hosting services, you need to join forums related to webmasters, designers, and anyone with a focus on or need for hosting services.

Let's take this a step further and say you are offering hosting services and want to find a JV partner who can help you find customers. One great place to look is on internet marketing and web design forums. You will find tons of people with a client base to whom hosting is a central, crucial issue in their individual business development and success.

By participating in these forums you can make friends with designers who constantly look for hosting services to provide their clients with top-notch services geared toward each individual businesses needs. You are providing what that designer needs to offer his clients and you propose a JV. This can include ANYTHING like a cut of the monthly hosting fee for all the clients he/she refers to you.
When you find the right person to help you promote your product, and if you participate in forums you WILL, your business can literally take off over night.

I found an incredible partner for my info product "Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits" on the Internet Marketing Warriors forum. I created a one-of-a-kind product that he saw great potential in, and he provided a contact list for further JVs that rivals any contact list on the net today. And he himself is a relative no-name on the net compared to the contacts he has.

The point is, you never know who you are going to find on the net or who is going to find you, who can change your profit level immensely and immediately. You just have to participate in forums. Become a part of the communities geared toward your niche and participate often. Offer advice, ask questions, trade services or products rather than pay for everything with cash - the possibilities are endless.

And there are no rules. If you see something on the net you want - say an ezine submission service - and you are cash poor/product rich. Don't take the service price for the final answer. Email people and offer your service or product as trade for theirs. You might find a JV develops, or you might just more effectively utilize your assets that are worth cash. Either way, you win.

When I was laying out a lot of money to start up and Power Linking, I was cash-poor but product rich. I traded for advertising like you wouldn't believe and found most people to be very open to methods of payment that didn't involve the exchange of cash.

Take a look at your assets, all of them. Not just the money you have in the bank. Evaluate what you have to offer people in exchange for services or other products. Thinking in terms of "How can this person help me achieve my goals if I help them achieve theirs?" will go a long way in internet marketing.

You cannot do it alone. No one has. The next time you see a new Mark Joyner product released, think about the web of people and partners he has behind him helping him develop, release and market that product. His name might be the only one on the product itself, but there are others who he has developed partnerships with, in his case on a grand scale, who help him develop and move his products.

Do a search for forums on Alta Vista with your keywords and you will find what you are looking for. Join a couple at first. Lurk and find out what you can contribute. Post questions and find others who are being the most helpful. Feel free to contact them and propose a mutually-beneficial JV. We are all business people. JVs are good business.

If your proposal is good and your product or service is appealing, you should have no trouble attracting others with large opt-in lists or high-traffic web sites to help you market it if you give them a good piece of the pie.

All of our JVs for Power Linking typically get additional commissions over our affiliates. Don't hesitate to offer more to partners because they will typically outsell an entire affiliate force if they are well-connected, have huge lists of customers, and have established a presence on the web.

For the best marketing forum on the net, hands down, you will want to check out the Internet Marketing Warrior Forum. There are over 30,000 webmasters from all walks of business waiting to help youPsychology Articles, and hear about ways they can increase their profits. That's where I met my current partner and in less than three weeks we generated over $6500 in sales together.

And that's just the beginning! You will see Power Linking all over the net in the coming months and you can be assured it is because of that crucial joint venture I made with one other key internet marketer who believed in my product.

Make contacts. Be part of a community. You will be blown away by the people you find who can help you along the way in your marketing efforts!

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Jack Humphrey, one of the "luckiest" guys on the internet, is an Online Marketing Consultant and originator of several successful online ventures. You can find more articles by Jack at .
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