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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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LinkedIn Automation 2021 – List of Pros and Cons You Must Keep in Mind

LinkedIn automation is useful for some while scary for others. Here is the list of the pros & cons to help you make a better decision about LinkedIn automation.

Right now, LinkedIn is the most important platform for B2B marketers and professionals who want to grow their network and generate qualified leads. However, when working on LinkedIn, users come across a lot of repetitive tasks such as profile engagement, sending connection requests, messages, etc. which take up a lot of time. But don’t worry! There is a solution for this: LinkedIn automation tools.


Many businesses are already taking advantage of these tools while others hesitate to include LinkedIn automation tools. They believe automation tools are not safe and create spam. 

Here is the list of the pros and cons of using advanced LinkedIn automation tools

Pros of Using LinkedIn Automation


 1. Automating repetitive tasks

As a B2B marketer who uses LinkedIn daily to perform different functions such as finding the right prospects, extending the professional network, sending connection requests and messages, sending follow-ups or invitations to join groups, sending InMails, etc. That will take you a lot of time and energy while giving you no significant outcomes. 


If you use any of the available best LinkedIn automation tools, you don’t need to spend hundreds of hours performing such repetitive tasks. It will result in having more free time that you can spend on performing important business tasks. 


 2. Completing work without working

A great advantage of running your campaigns using a LinkedIn automation tool is that you can leave it to run and find leads while you sleep, party, or do other tasks. This is true when you’re using a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool. All you need to do is to set up a campaign and it will do the rest. 


 3. Saving Time

When using a LinkedIn automation tool, all you need to do is to define your target audience, narrow down the results as much as possible, and launch the campaign to perform subsequent actions. The major advantage of automating your link is that you get ready-made leads while saving yourself a lot of time. 

You can use this time on nurturing your leads and converting them into sales which requires more time and energy. 


Cons of Using LinkedIn Automation


 1. Risks of being Restricted

The LinkedIn algorithm has changed, and it has become smart enough to detect when someone is using a bot or LinkedIn automation tool to perform activities. 

To put a cap on it, it is recommended to use a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that provides dedicated IPs and keeps your account activity secure. 

These tools come with inbuilt safety limits which help you set daily limits and save your LinkedIn activity from being detected. 


 2. Risk of permanent blocking

If you use low-quality bots or tools or perform overactivity continuously even after getting a warning, your account might get blocked permanently. If this happens, you will lose a fully established LinkedIn account that includes all your important connections. 

Of course, there is always an option to create a new account, but naturally, it will take you a lot of time to create a similar network like before.

To avoid this, you can either perform tasks manually or use the latest LinkedIn automation tools that come with the auto-warm-up feature and keep your account activity in control. 


 3. Choosing a wrong LinkedIn automation

There are a lot of LinkedIn automation tools in the market. Some are chrome extensions, and some are cloud based. People often get confused and choose a tool that doesn’t go with their business model or fails to fulfill their goals and objectives. 

If this happens, that means you will lose your money. Thus, it’s better to choose a tool wisely. 



To sum up, top LinkedIn automation tools 2021 are very rewarding if you know how to use them properly. Sure, there are some disadvantagesPsychology Articles, but you can avoid them by using a careful and disciplined approach.

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