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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Money and Marketing: 5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow Right Now

It’s surprisingly simple to take control of your cash flow right now. The trick is to take an active role in how you create the income you want, as opposed to sitting back and passively waiting for your luck to change.

While a rosier global economic forecast may still be a few months away, smart entrepreneurs are taking control of their cash flow now, and wisely implementing simple strategies to increase how much they make and how much they keep.


Good news is, it’s surprisingly simple to take control of your cash flow right now. And, what’s really cool is that once you put these strategies into place, your business will thrive even during times like these, which positions your income to soar once the rest of the economy emerges from this cycle.

The trick is to take an active role in how you create the income you want, as opposed to sitting back and passively waiting for “your luck” or “things” to change.  Creating more money flowing into your business has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with knowing the right actions to take.

Which is why I’m sharing five simple tips to help you get a handle on your cash flow now, so you’re sitting pretty in the “money driver’s seat.”  (These tips are excerpted from my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coach training program.

1. Where’s The Money Coming From?               

Now is the time to take a look at how many income streams you have and discover where you have untapped opportunities to offer a wider selection of services. For example, if you offer 1-on-1 services and maybe the occasional teleclass, then now is the time to plan the launch of a new teleseminar series, a 6-month high-end program or begin to offer 1-day intensives. This will dramatically increase your cash flow with very little additional effort on your part.

2. Raise The Value — And Your Pricing — Of What You Already Offer

If you haven’t changed your services in a while then chances are you’re not only significantly undercharging, but you’re probably also giving away too much for too little. The first thing I do with my clients is help them redesign their current service offers so they’re offering greater value to their clients, at a much higher price.  Everyone wins because your clients get a better package and you’re leveraging your time so you make more money in less time.

3. Start Tracking Your Income…Daily!

Every day I write down the total amount of money I’ve brought in. At first you may think you don’t have enough coming in to bother with this type of tracking. Trust me, by paying attention to money in this way, more of it will flow towards you, faster and faster. Every client I’ve coached to take this action has reported making more, faster!

4. Know What Your Money Bug-a-Boos Are

Money is a highly emotionally charged topic so you may have unfounded beliefs, old values or unsupportive behavior regarding money that no longer serve you.  This is normal so don’t sweat it; just do something about it.  For example, if you assume people won’t pay more for your services or you frequently offer discounts, this tells me your money bug-a-boo is being too quick to judge what your clients value.

I recommend checking out one of my programs or home study courses.  These resources will help you make dramatic mindset, and behavior shifts, regarding money so you’re no longer held prisoner by the past.

5. Consider This Popular Way To Even-Out Your Monthly Cash Flow

My monthly income used to spike and dip like a roller coaster, until I added membership (continuity) programs to my business model.  Once I did, I had steady, reliable money flowing in.  Since then, I’ve redesigned my entire business to be 75% membership based. Every business has the opportunity to create a membership program of some sort.

There’s even a company that offers horse vitamins on a monthly, auto-ship basis (to the tune of several hundred million dollars per year!).  So get creative or get coaching on how you too, can add continuity to your business.

Solving Cash Flow Issues Simply Means Being Creative

Keep your approach to solving your cash flow issues simple.  Most of all, be willing to look at what is workingBusiness Management Articles, and what is not working so you can let go of old habits that are costing you too much in terms of your time and potential revenue.  This may mean refocusing how you spend your time but the results will be well worth it!

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Kendall SummerHawk, the Million Dollar Marketing Coach, is an expert at helping women entrepreneurs at all levels design a business they love and charge what they're worth and get it. Kendall delivers simple ways entrepreneurs can design and price their services to quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in their business.  For free articles, free resources and to sign up for a free subscription to Kendall's Money, Marketing and Soul weekly articles visit

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