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Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Network Marketing Rejection - How To Kiss It Goodbye Forever With Attraction Marketing!

Attraction marketing - Learn how easily it can get you hearing Yes most of the time! Learn some of the guarded secrets of the mlm industry that were previously only enjoyed by the top 3% of all earners.

Attraction marketing is the way to get your network marketing business the ear of the very people you want to hear you (and want to hear you) In two words, qualified prospects.

A question I hear a lot of is some variation of: "How can I learn about attraction marketing? " or "Where do I begin with attraction marketing?".

Leads are the be-all and end-all of network marketing, or more accurately, qualified leads are the be-all and end-all of network marketing. To make advances in today's market, you'll need to be able to forget some of what you've learned about network marketing and use online attraction marketing methods.

What's working with the older methods of lead sourcing? Nothing, when it works - but the truth is, it's hit and miss. It's like a shotgun blast versus a single bullet. One is far more targeted than the other. The biggest reason for the rapid turnover in the network marketing industry is that nearly 90% of new marketers give it up within three months.


Rejection. Casting too wide of a net means you will hear a lot more "no" than "yes". With a high rejection rate and low revenues, it's easy to see why so many call it quits early in the game.

Untargeted marketing, especially when you're trying to get people involved in a business comes off as desperate and will likely damage rather than help your business.

Only someone who, in former times have been a door-to-door salesperson has the temperament for that level of rejection on a daily basis. Most of us are simply not cut out for that.

That's why most quit, telling any who will listen that network marketing is at best, ineffective and at worst, a scam. This does nothing for the image of the industry.

As many will tell you though, network marketing does indeed work, it is simply a matter of getting yourself in front of a receptive audience. But, you may ask, how is this done?

First of all, toss those old hit or miss lists, stop buying leads and stop the expensive telemarketing.

Your business will be much better served by having a website.

Make a blog, a Squidoo lens, anything which can help you build a brand.

If you have absolutely no idea where to turn in building your network marketing business online? Find someone that has developed a system using these unique marketing techniques, which can give you the training you need to take your network marketing business to the web.

So why the article? Iím trying to help. You have resources to build your own success in network marketing using the principles of attraction marketing. All you have to do is use these resources and you can watch your network marketing business grow.

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Robert Cummings is a professional Internet & network marketing business coach assisting beginners and leaders on how to be successful online. If you'd like to learn how to attract pre-qualified leads to you... rather than chasing people down... I highly recommend checking out this break-through system at:

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