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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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New Client Secrets: How to make people want to be your client

If you are a lawyer or therapist, you will want new clients. Getting new clientscan be as simple as knowing how to introduce yourself so people wantto be your client.

Many people ask you what you do, and you say "I'm a marriageand family counselor."That is so completely ineffective because* people are always thinking "me me me"* your explanation doesn't let them connect you  with them* so they don't think of you when they have a problem.That doesn't help you get more clients, does it?There is a fantastic way to describe what you doso people can't wait to become a client -- or refera client to you. Have you heard the secret of the "laserdescription?"You are about to learn a simple way to introduceyourself that can literally transform your practiceand get you more cash pays than you know what todo with.So what does a laser description do for you?A laser description does five things:1. It lets people *connect* what you do with   their own situation or a situation of a close   friend or family member.   2. It makes you a *specialist* and not a    generalist.   3. It tells a *story*. People love stories   and they see themselves in your story.   4. It creates a *want* -- they want your   help.   5. It establishes that you are busy and successful   like the restaurant that is always crowded   and where everyone wants a reservation.      Examples of killer laser descriptionsInstead of saying "I'm a marriage and familycounselor", you say "You know how a couple gets into a rut with career and work and raising afamily, and before they know it they aren't sleepingtogether much and are paying all their attentionto their children and work and not to each other?They wind up like roommates instead of a couple?I help those couples to regain the fire."Here's another:Instead of saying "I'm a psychotherapist", yousay"You know how many of us get into a cycle wherewe get close to someone else and then we dosomething really stupid and we can't stop ourselvesfrom destroying that wonderful relationship? Thenwe go on to the next person and repeat that cycleand we never have a great relationship becausewe're always ruining it for ourselves? I helppeople stop repeating that so they can havea wonderful lifelong relationship with theirsoulmate."And once more:Instead of saying "I'm a lawyer", you say"You know how people get themselves into a jam with creditors nipping at their heels andoverdue credit cards and foreclosures. I helpthem dig their way out of that so they canstart a new life."The basic template is this:1. Explain the painful situation you address.2. Explain how you help fix the problem.You want them nodding and fascinated as youtell your little story and hear your happy ending.Used all the timeFeature Articles, this will get you more clientsthan anything else you do.

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