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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Only You Can And DO Decide If You Will Succeed

... it seems like ... why some ... while others fail is ... After all, ifyou could readily identify why ... end up in one category or the other, then it woul

Sometimes it seems like identifying why some businesses
succeed while others fail is impossible. After all, if
you could readily identify why businesses end up in one
category or the other, then it would also seem to be
fairly simple to decide the fate of your business. The
fact that many businesses - online and off-line - fail
would suggest it's not so easy to figure out.

This is something I have discussed at length with a
number of very successful people over the last few
months! It's also something I have actively studied as
I constantly interact with people every day. At some
point, the things that separate the successes from the
failures became glaringly obvious. What became obvious
is that you, the individual, decides whether or not you
are going to be successful. Then you implement that

As strange as it may sound to you, we decide how
successful we are willing to be. History is full of
examples of people who decided they were going to be
big successes and how they made this happen. Most of
the examples that I can think of were people who
identified people who could help them achieve their
dreams. They then attached themselves to these people.
Alexander Graham Bell's assistant was such a person.
Napoleon Hill was such a person... he used Dale Carnegie
to make him a big success. Most of the online "gurus"
that I know also did the same thing. They studied,
modeled, and became understudies of those already

Before you can become a huge business success you
have to make that critical decision to do so. Once
you have decided (emotionally as well as intellectually)
that you will succeed, then you begin to make it
happen. It's very important that you make that decision
at the emotional as well as the intellectual level. If
it's not an emotional decision to make it happen, you
will give up too easily when the going get rough. You
will give up too easily when the inevitable obstacles
appear in your patch.

One of the big fallacies spread online is that it's
easy to be a big online success. From those I talk to
every day, and based on my own experience, I think
nothing could be farther from the truth. Most of those
making six-figure incomes put in many very long days.
I have personally worked many 18-hour days as I
struggled to complete a project. I have only recently
reached the point where I don't feel compelled to do
this. So don't let anyone tell you that it's easy,
but do commit that you are going to make it happen.

As further evidence that it's not easy, consider that
if it were, then everybody would be doing it. Why
would the person struggling in a fast-food restaurant,
or slaving at a factory job, keep doing it if he could
easily make his fortune online. Thousand of people
that he knew would discover how easy it was online,
and this would attract that factory worker. The fact
that millions continue in the 9 to 5 off-line job is
evidence that this hasn't occurred.

However, there are some people who are making
hundreds of thousands .... and some millions.... of
dollars online. So obviously, it is possible. How
did those who are doing well online do it? Some were
lucky - timing is their secret. They stumbled upon
a trend at just the right time and often were the
first ones to present it to the market. Others went
through a lot of trial and error until they hit
upon a formula that worked. And the others all learned
from someone willing to take them under their wing
and teach them.

Of the above three categories, I fall into the later.
I decided I did not like the hand that life had dealt
me, and I decided to make a change. Then I searched
until I found someone I KNEW was "walking the walk."
Finally, I decided, much as Mr. Edison's assistant
did, that I was going to make this person... actually
these people, teach me the ropes. Part of that
decision was deciding that I would not take no for
an answer... as I broke into that inner circle. That's
the decision you now need to make.

Finding someone who has discovered what works
and how to really do it is the easiest and probably
quickest way to succeed online. It's also the
cheapest way. Many people use the trial and error
method, experimenting and learning what works
on their own. The problem with that is that by
the time they start to figure it out, their
competitors have often figured it out first. This
makes their new knowledge much less valuable since
it is now less rare.... many of your competitors
now have this old knowledge.

Those lucky enough to stumble upon something that
makes them an online success, really had no
control over what happened to them. Fate just
smiled upon them. You probably cannot afford to
wait and hope this happens to you.

So now you are left with one choice - decided that
you are going to allow yourself to succeed. Then
locate someone who knows what you need to know and
get them to teach you. Decide to do whatever it
takes, and commit not to give up or take no for an
answer. Once you've decided.... really decided
to succeedFree Web Content, nature .... God... makes it happen.
The whole key is for you to make that one decision
and then help it to happen. Have you made that
decision yet?

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