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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Pluses of Promotional Conference Bags

Sometimes it is easy to let yourself wonder if all the hoopla over promotional conference bags is just another advertising ploy to grab our attention...

After all, in the world of marketing it is not unusual for the public to become suspicious when something seems too good to be true. When all is said and done, conference bags truly are a legitimate, effective, cost friendly and appreciated form of marketing and advertising. Once a person understand this, it is not difficult to see what all the to-do is about.

Now that I have your undivided attention, letís just get right down to it and find out what a conference bag really is. It is a bag. Plain and simple. But it is also much more than that. The promotional conference bag is indeed a container, a vessel and a conveyor of materials. That is one of the more attractive facets of them. They are actually useful! So many other promotional items that are given away at various events are well intended, but many of them end up lying in drawers at home, lost on the bottom of our purses or briefcases or tossed into the nearest receptacle once the conference is over. Not so with a conference bag. The fact that they carry such a high reuse quotient is definitely a bonus for those who have agreed to use them for advertising. If a business agrees to spend money on marketing themselves or their service, they are going to want the absolute best value for their investment. A once run newspaper ad will garner attention for 24 hours, but once the new issue comes out, that opportunity for customer catching is over. When a conference bag with their logo, business name or graphic of their product is carried out of a conference, trade show or sporting event by literally thousands of people, doesnít that seem like a greater value for the marketing money?

What about the opportunity for a company or organization to use their own employees or members to be literally walking billboards for them? That is exactly what a promotional conference bag can do for them. These bags can be given away as prizes as business eventsHealth Fitness Articles, used as incentive bonuses or awards for timely office attendance or helpfulness. The limit on what to use a conference bag for is only capped by your own creativity. Employees and club members like to receive these because they can see themselves putting them to use in many other ways. One person is considering what a great shopping bag this will make on trips to the grocery store. Another one is already earmarking this bag for the library books that get returned every month. The young mother leaving the conference is envisioning this cute conference bag as the perfect diaper bag or workout clothes carrier. There really is no end to the usefulness that one of these bags affords. And isnít it a comfort to know that if you have invested in the sponsorship of these bags that everywhere they go they are also carrying your message with them? That is definitely advertising in motion.

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