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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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... I received many E-mails from my ... asking me about "What they should do to make money on the ... of them who had ... ... on making money from the Interne

Recently, I received many E-mails from my subscribers
asking me about "What they should do to make money on
the internet?"

Some of them who had experienced difficulties on
making money from the Internet were even hesitating to
try again, as they had tried many affiliate programs;
MLM, Network marketing, etc. and NONE of them were

Today, I design a four step strategy on how you can
make money from the Internet... Even though you're
already frustrated with your past failure. I promise
that you will see some important key points in
starting your own Internet business.

Before I do that, you may also need to read my
article, "$77.15 in six month?" at:

Inside you will find the reason why I also failed
in network marketing in my early ventures.

LET me reveal one letter that I responded to recently
from a prospect that I receive often times...

Question # 1:

"Henry, Let me tell you that many before you had
tried to make me join their affiliate programs and
persuade me to become their affiliaters... and I
failed!!! Do you know why?"

Most of the Internet marketers fail to explain the
right way to do business online -- Since they
don't understand how to do it right.

On the other hand, many webmasters try to persuade
YOU to become their affiliaters for their businesses
without helping you build up your fundamental.

In my secret manual, you will learn how to set-up
your own business before connecting other affiliate
programs to your existing business.

And if you look at:

I don't invite everybody be an affiliate to my business.
As you can see, I restrict it to only webmasters who
have more than 10,000 subscribers in their sites.

Question # 2:

"... because they weren't sincere with me ...?"

Are YOU the one who has to be sincere to yourself or

Ask yourself this question: "Why keep living in the
past, when you're able to see the opportunity in front
of you?"

I myself had failed many times before I could pursue
my careers in this field. I have tried many different
programs that were not working, but I never "GIVE UP".
That is how I get to where I am today.

"ARE you worried about failure?"
"ARE you pessimistic about Internet business?"

You need to read my article on "7 Steps to become
successful in life" at:

In building up your own Internet business, you need
to learn about what you really would like to do

I conclude with a four-step-strategy on building your
successful Internet business from scratch.

Regardless of your past or current situation, if you
follow it thoroughly, you are able to reach the success
I have gained.

However, you need to remember that you're the person
who will be in charge of your life NOT others....

Here are those four steps...

1. Planning.

You must define the Types of businesses you would like
to be involved in, Your target market, your business
strategy, cost, selling strategies, and more...

2. Building.

Design your website, email newsletter, autoresponder,
database system, directory setting and etc.

3. Launching.

Launch your website, start email marketing campaign,
search engine positioning, pay per click, and etc.

4. Maintaining.

Once you are off the ground, you should try expanding
your business with affiliate programs, joint ventures,
cross promotions, and other strategic alliances.

It's all that simple, but still lots of newbies are
NOT even sure that they will be able to handle the
above four steps.

The key here is "Persistence"

As a closing, I would like to mention that YOU should
not take failure as a reason to stop, but as an
encouragement to do better than others.

"If others can do it online, Why couldn't you?"

Success is yoursHealth Fitness Articles,
Henry Gold

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