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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Revealed Youtube For Instant Virtual Property Profits

Virtual property encompasses digital products including anything from document to audio to video and other formats. Youtube, with itís hundreds of millions of visitors a day, is at the top of the tree in the virtual property stakes. Virtual property entrepreneurs are now using Youtube to generate a substantial online income without any web site or marketing skills.

Youtube is a video sharing web site where people can upload videos on any subject and share them with the world. Some of these videos are getting hundreds of thousands, even millions of views and usually, the people providing the videos are not making any returns from them. If a related web site link were to be added to a popular video a vast potential income could be generated. This is where the virtual property tycoons come in.

This youtube video teaches people how to play guitar chords and has over two million views. It makes sense that the people watching this video will be interested in learning the guitar.

Some video owners have already realised the potential goldmine they have created. Using the guitar teaching example, the owner could search for a web site that sells a course teaching people how to play guitar and sign up as an affiliate to it. Then they would insert their affiliate link into the video. Anyone who then visits the guitar site via that affiliate link and signs up to the guitar course will earn the video owner a healthy commission.

In reality most video owners are happy to just get their video out there getting tons of views. They are not concerned with using videos to make money and they donít know theyíre sitting on a potential goldmine. But virtual property tycoons know different.

What these savvy internet entrepreneurs are doing is contacting the video owners and offering to pay them say one hundred dollars a week if they add an affiliate link to their video. Most youtube users will tend to snap up an offer that comes out of the blue like that, as it will most likely be a significant supplement to the income their day job brings in.

One hundred dollars may sound like a lot of money but if the affiliate program pays out thirty dollars commission per sale you donít have to be a mathematician to see that it would be a worthwhile investment. Thousands or even tens of thousands of people will then see the affiliate link every day - and they will be targeted visitors too. The result for the virtual property tycoon is perhaps dozens of sales of the site they are promoting per day. People would spend thousands on pay per click marketing to get those kinds of returns.

Buying And Flipping Youtube Videos For Profit

Some entrepreneurs actually try buying the video. They email the youtube video owner asking them how much they would sell the video for and if all agree they simply take over that youtube account. Often a cheap deal is done because video owners see an offer of say five hundred dollars for their short video as a huge amount of money. However, in reality itís the virtual property tycoon who will mop up all because the video owners donít realise the potential goldmine theyíre sitting on.

The process can even be taken one step further. If whoever owns a video getting thousands or more views a day, puts the account up for sale on web sites like they could end up selling it for tens of thousands to experienced marketers who know the value of what they have. Buy low, sell high, thatís the key to all Ďpropertyí millionaires and virtual video property is no different.

To get started in the virtual video property business anyone can just go to and type in the markets they are interested in - golf, guitar, weight loss, muscle buildingÖanything that is a hobby or of interest. Then just search for videos that have lot of views, fifty thousand minimum, click on the username of the video creator and shoot them a message. First, offer to buy the account from them. If they reject that, offer to pay them one hundred dollars a week to add a link to their video description (which is of course an affiliate link to a web site in that market).

This is an instant business that can generate a lot of money for little workScience Articles, which could prove very timely for people during the current worldwide economic turmoil.

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Ed Walters is an experienced online marketing expert and is giving away an instant virtual property business and full report from his web site

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