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Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Simple 6-Figure Business Checklist

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs create 6-figure businesses and have focused long enough on this topic to know what it takes and how it can be easy to acheive once you know some simple secrets.

One thing Iím passionate about is helping women entrepreneurs create 6-figure businesses, whether that means breaking into 6-figures for the first time, creating a multiple 6-figure year or achieving 6-figure months like I now routinely have (yes, I did say ďmonths!Ē). Iíve focused on this topic long enough to know what it takes, the mistakes women make getting there and how easy it really can be to achieve once you know a few simple secrets.

Problem is, if youíre struggling or just getting started then the idea of making a 6-figure breakthrough can seem like just a dream.

So, to help you out, Iíve created a simple checklist of what you need to not only make this breakthrough happen for you, but to experience it in your businessÖfast!

Hereís a simple checklist of what every business owner must put into place to quickly create 6-figures. Remember what I always say: itís easier to make MORE money than it is to make less, once you know the secrets!

6-Figure Checklist

* Passion
Do you have undying passion for the transformation you create for your clients? Passion will give you energy on the days when you feel like nothingís working. Tip: remind yourself every day WHY youíre doing what you do.

* Plan
First I read success stories about entrepreneurs who spent months creating their plan, then I read stories about others who ďjust wingedĒ their way to success. Which is true? They both are!

What I did to first create a 6-figure business, and now a 7-figure business, is design a business MODEL that clearly outlines each product or program Iím going to offer for the next 1-2 years. Itís really a blueprint because it tells me which program or product to offer first, second and so on. By removing the guesswork Iím free to take action.

If youíre only offering 1-on-1 services, or youíre offering a hodgepodge of different programs or products without clearly knowing how each one leads to the next, then youíre likely working too hard and most definitely missing out on opportunities to make more money.

This is why re-designing their business model is one of the first things I do with my Platinum clients. They love it because it transforms chaos and confusion into clarity and simplicity.

* Clarity
Most entrepreneurs have a billion ideas but struggle with creating enough focus to actually implement even a small fraction of them. My recommendation? Get crystal clear on WHO you help, then get just as clear on the situation they find themselves in that you can help transform for them.

For example: while Iím interested in many aspects of marketing, it wasnít until I focused my passion, energy and attention on the topic of money and pricing that my business took off. Interviews, JV opportunities, speaking offers and clients flowed in.

The same can happen for you. If you need help getting this clear I recommend seeking out a coach who can help you discover your niche. Good news is that the more topic specific you are, the faster and easier your business is likely to grow.

* Courage
If you want a leap in your income then you need to take a leap somewhere else in your business (maybe even in your life, too!). Most women hang back, wanting to know ďhow itís all going to work outĒ before they leap. Sorry, ladies, thatís cheating and it doesnít work.

But take heart! The more frequently you make a leap such as joining a coaching program, attending an event, learning something new or hiring more team, the more you strengthen your courage muscle. Remember, courage doesnít mean being fearless. Far from it! What it DOES mean is acting from your heart, even in the face of fear.

Isnít There More To Creating 6-Figures Than This?

Sure, there are the specific action steps youíll need to take. But truthfully, if you focus on these four critical steps FIRSTFree Web Content, the specific action steps will practically take care of themselves.

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