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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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The application of new raw materials in cosmetics

In the 21st century, cosmetics raw materials in China will introduce four kinds of new materials: genetically modified raw materials, marine raw materials, chitin and chitosan, green materials, and microbial raw materials.

Genetic tretinoin raw material is the most potential in the current gene technology and genetic research, but also the most mature application of raw materials. Applications in medicine, insulin, interferon, interleukin, a variety of cytokines are mostly generic drugs, spray and the first in the field of cosmetics and have been known as interleukin-alkaline fiber growth factor belonging to the beauty genes or beauty factor. Recently, the human growth hormone is also very interested in it can promote the metabolism of the person, used in cosmetics to the skin play, wrinkle-free, anti-aging effects.

Accounted for 70% of the Earth's surface of the ocean, marine life habitat, marine organic matter is twice that of the terrestrial organic matter, now more than 3,000 kinds of biologically active substances with a development value has been extracted from the sea, it is for cosmetics raw materials natural heritage.

Crustaceans, is a natural polymer extracted from the marine crab, octopus and crustaceans. Chitosan is heated with concentrated alkali deacetylation of chitin into chitosan. Although they are extracted from the waste, but it is in chemistry, environmental protection, medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and other fields have much to offer, its structure especially like cellulose, widely used in the cosmetics industry. Put it in a capsule eat it will make the intestines cellulose expansion can absorb 12 times larger than the size of its fat carries fat droplets discharged from the stool to eat into the gastrointestinal. In this way, astaxanthin will not only become fat but also in weight reduction, it belongs to easy weight loss tablets. Preparation of raw materials into cosmetics film permeability, water absorption and excellent, so it is both moisturizing anti-wrinkle, another anti-aging effect. If it is dubbed the cream in good moisturizing treatment of dehydration dermatosis. Use it to the preparation of a spray emulsion, exposure to acid, alkali, soap, all kinds of detergents, before the operation, his hands first spray a layer of spray emulsion, can play a good protective effect.

Green materials. Green materials is far from chemical raw materials, using natural raw materials, both with good results, non-toxic side effects, does not pollute the environment. Seabuckthorn. China is the world's sea buckthorn big country, is widely distributed in various parts of China, the most densely distributed in the Qinghai-Tibet and Inner Mongolia Plateau. The sea buckthorn tree, the root leaves, fruits, whole body is a treasure, it contains VC than kiwi, but also contains a large number of amino acids, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids. Sea buckthorn oil also contains more than 60% of palm fatty acid and palm oil, flax fatty acid, it can eliminate free radicals in the cell membrane, can prevent lipid peroxidation. Will sea buckthorn effective ingredients add to cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, whitening, is typical of green materials.

The organism has a huge world. Micro-organisms are indeed harmful to human, meanwhile there are beneficial to mankind. For example, in the 1940s, people found penicillin, it is an epoch-making new product from the penicillium mold. Oral microorganisms and topical microorganisms are undoubtedly belonging to the microbial health care products and glutathionel. There are rich resources if we extracted materials from the huge microbial. A new type of beauty complex extracting from brewer's yeast cell wall is the chitosan. This kind of cosmetic has the functions of anti-allergy, skin, wrinkle resistant and moisture. It can be integrated in the emulsionFree Articles, liquid and gel with a wide range of use value.


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