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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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The Good And Bad Of Every Video Game

A video game is like a coin. Both have two sides; the only difference is that video games have a good side and a bad one. Since their history, video games have been famed to contribute monstrously to the negative habits in children, making them violent and aggressive.

Just because they’re hyped for all the things negative in the virtual game world doesn’t mean they can’t have anything positive to provide. Games have benefits. From relaxing your mind to give you the creative edge, here are the pros and cons every game has.

Game Pros


  1. Games have the ability to improve the vision of the player – with games being played in moderation. Long-terms players are able to recognize different shades of a color. The rapid action games allow them to keep the eye muscles active.


  1. When playing a game from a distinct genre, the player develops an interest in characters, the storyline, mythologies, and stories and such. Some players may develop an interest in cooking, surgeries, historical events, computer coding, and other subjects.


  1. Games help you make decisions at a faster pace. Since games are usually fast-paced, they require you to make quick decisions based on your logic and skill. When you are able to make decisions faster, you can use the skill in your real life.


  1. Some of the good video game qualities can help you replace bad habits, such as overcoming addiction or feel less pain. When you've indulged in a game, your attention moves away from the pain or addiction and onto the game, hence reducing the sensitivity.
  Game Cons


  1. While it replaces addiction, a video game can sometimes be the reason for addiction. With that, it may induce some active psychological stress that contributes to low self-confidence, social anxiety, and depression and so on.


  1. As soon as the mental health starts getting affected, gamers can lose track of time and their physical health due to the immersion. Their biological clock gets disrupted and they may get used to a rapid life with fast food and improper sleep patterns.


  1. Gamers are usually loners in real-life. The reason is their inability to keep their social connections alive. They’re focused on playing games, for which the contact with their families and friends dwindles.


      4. Students playing games without a balance find it hard to study on their academics. The              struggle becomes real when they’re procrastinating or simply rushing the homework to              compensate for the time lost in playing games.


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