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Monday, November 18, 2019
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The New Spiritual Marketing Explosion – Part I

1- Short Spiritual Preparation
The Primary Principle of Life also applies to business. To 99% ofhumans, this principle still seems to be a complete unknown, and may bethe main cause for their failure. However, if applied, one can getinfused with a new enthusiasm that knows no boundaries. It can also becalled the ultimate motivator that can keep a person going, going andgoing. Persistence will no longer be a problem, and to do anything ittakes and apply oneself fully may as well become the law for any one,who knows it. This principle abides by the law of ‘Optimum Necessity’,also called Simplicity. Our highest genius, the one on whom Satan blamesit all, set it up that way. To face it as soon as possible, possiblyright now, always remember and apply it, will revolutionize ones life.

What is this very simple Primary Principle?

Everything I do, say, think, give, or take stays in my very own realmand directly affects me, no one else.

So, if I judge, criticize, hate, dislike, am mad at, would like to kill,or what ever else I wish upon another, this works to the effect that Imight as well grab a hammer and knock myself out all day, or shoot myfeet until none are left, if not a big ‘sickness’ befalls me first. Onthe other hand, if I bless, heal and prosper every person with whom Icome into contact, or whom I meet at a distance, I will be prosperous,young and healthy. The more of it I do, as well as the more sincerely Ido it, the sooner my prosperity shows up.

Nothing else is required? Nope. That’s all one has to spiritualize.

Again, the more I wish all others well, send them my loving thoughts andwishes, the more of what I wish for will come my way. (Even if ‘THEY’seem like idiots to me, they still are divinely directed; God is andalways has been in charge. ‘Forgive them, for they know not what theydo’.)

How do I know? I read the bible. In the book of Job, we learn thatpleading, begging, moaning and groaning, persuading, complaining,self-pity, wining, hiding, crying and yammering had NO EFFECT. As soonas Job PRAYED FOR HIS FRIENDS, God gave him instantly twice as much ashe had before.

Will this wisdom still apply to me?

Wisdom is timeless, and in today’s society mostly disregarded.

2- What Are The Most Important Aspects In My Marketing?

a) I must realize that I sell myself. In choosing my products, orservices according to my character, values and interests, I will besuccessful, for they harmonize with me and it shows. When harmonytranspires to my customers, they will buy me first, and also my products& services, for they instinctively sense a mutual wave-length and knowthat I am not just after their money.

b) I must realize that my main benefits may not be the same for mycustomer. The best used car sales people sell by just asking a fewcommon place questions, in order to fish for the main concerns, for atfirst, nothing is obvious. Once, the primary concern of their customeris known, they let him or her sell himself, or herself, by constantlyand calmly reflecting that particular value upon him, or her. This issimple but requires intuitive guidance, nearly to the degree of an art.

Brian Tracy put this in excellent terms, when describing how a RealEstate pro would go about it. The couple enters the property, and thewoman cries out: “Sweaty, isn’t this the most gorgeous blossoming Cherrytree you have ever seen!?” They inspect the property, and once in awhile, the husband mumbles, “well this carpet will have to be replaced,or, this faucet is leaking…”. No problem for the pro, meaning well andwanting to help them sell themselves, he just says: “Oh, I’m sure thatthe seller can agree with you on those particulars”, then points, onceagain, to the beautiful blossoming Cherry tree.

c) Each time, my mind urges me to ‘sell’, I have to breathe deeply andthink about the main principle. My intent is NOT to sell, but to bless,heal and prosper the customer.

d) I must, in any situation, whether on the phone conference call, in myads, in my articles, or facing a huge audience, completely focus on ONEindividual only, and talk as if I were face to face with my best friend.The degree of intimacy and attention are unparalleled, and thus make meadequate and successful. When speaking to one individual with foremostcare and sensitivity, the energy and light I generate will be sufficientto warm up and influence every one concerned, regardless whetherclose-by, or on the other end of the world.

How do I know? The bible is the best example. It speaks in depth to oneindividual at a time, and reflects upon the student his, or her uniquesituation, sequence of events and brings wisdom home, while also givingclues in regards to all of humanity.

e) As a spiritual being, I realize that money is the mere shadow ofvalue. If I am money-oriented, it becomes obvious to others that I ammislead. Why would any intelligent being make the Don Quichotte (a storytold by Cervantes)?

3- The Words I Use Stand For Only 16% Of My Message

Now that I have become one with my products and services, I also have tobe that single-minded person to offer them to the people to whom theywill be helpful and beneficial. Who else would know the wave I am ridingas intimately as I?

There is a tiny population in the Amazon, whose members do notarticulate any language. They utter small sounds, almost as Dolphins do.When a research team arrived there for observation, one main woman facedthe researcher directly, and he was able to see the pictures and meaningshe was conveying to him. She also told him that her tribe existed toshow humanity what they were originally capable of.

What does this ‘heart to heart’ communication symbolize?

The Living Word, or the Common Denominator Of Understanding Language,Body Language, Heart Language in spite of words used. I let noself-serving idea interfere, and, once again, remember the PrimaryPrinciple. Not one or the other, only the combination of an innocent andpeaceful heart can use our original Glory to the max. This is how I addthe remaining 84% to my offer – and WIN – WIN becomes the reality.

What does this mean to you? No matter what they tell you in regards towhich words to use, YOU USE YOUR OWN UNIQUE EXPRESSION. It’s yoursincerity, my friend, not your slick savvy, hypnotic ability, orintellectual high-flight.

Here’s a tip that can almost guarantee your additional impact, even ifyou are still working on your ‘heart language’. How about adding yourown unfailing angel’s voice to your presentation, whose lure, extendingbeyond your good-will, brings your message home, every time, because itemphasizes your realFree Reprint Articles, natural voice and capacity?Click Here:

Look for more on the new spiritual marketing explosion in Part II.

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