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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Top 5 outdated marketing strategies to get rid off Go Digital

Digital marketing has changed all the marketing games!

We are living in a world of advertising. Unless people don’t see and feel the product they won’t purchase it. Every company wants to hammer their selling goods in the consumer’s mind and thus marketing becomes inevitable.

Marketing is the process of delivering the product information to the potential customers via sense, feel, touch or through verbal cum pictorial communication. Traditional marketing include placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines, radio commercials, telephone sales, emailing and door-to-door sales. These marketing methods gave sure shot success in the past but they all have disadvantages, especially with the rapid increase in Internet usage. Traditional practices are slowly losing their sheen and so here’s an insight into what’s outdated and what’s in the market.

With the advent of internet, there has been a paradigm shift in marketing strategies and a fierce competition has emerged among the companies to garner public attention and customer acquisition.

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the worst ways to get new clients. People are smart enough to keep telemarketers at bay as Do Not Disturb (DND) option is provided by mobile phone networking companies. This blocks the marketing calls. It takes a lot many of phone calls just to make few sales, so it’s totally foolish on a company’s part to spend much money on cold calling. Also gathering and maintaining the call data is a tedious job.

2. Direct Marketing

A lot of emphasis was there earlier on direct marketing and it’s used by few companies today also. But the problem with it is that the company is unable to identify the target audience and so ends up promoting it in all sections and so the people lose interest thereby deduction in sale. Also people tend to run away from salesman. Hence the loss tends to be more.

3. Billboard Advertising

Billboards are too costly to use in today’s age of Digital Marketing. The digital ad agencies will help set up Google Ads, develop SEO strategy, and much more. There are lots of space constraints put up by the government these days for billboards on the roadside. Also reading and gazing at billboards is hazardous for people driving their vehicles.

4. Physical Mails

People receive lot of mails daily. One may open them or just ignore them and so it’s almost impossible to objectively count the conversion rates. It’s always better to prepare a list from people who have already subscribed to a newsletter or services. If you continue sending emails to people who don’t have any interest or prior subscription to the company’s services, your emails will be marked as spam.

5. Blogging without Promotion

Simply blogging was once a great idea. The companies spend large amount of their marketing budget on writers who could write a best blog. However, if no one knows where to find it, it’s not going to have to create a desired effect. Marketing a blog becomes a top priority then.

Today, mobile app tends to have a significant outreach. More than a website people prefer app usage. Also the companies can send regular updates to users via app. Nspiresoft team is very good at app development along with website building also. Effective marketing is done more through apps by its social media team. In fact Nspiresoft has a dedicated team of employees for on and off page SEO which expands the reach. Social Media Marketing is best done by them. The vast prowess of social media is craftily exploited by its social media evangelists’ team.

Nspiresoft is one of the pioneering digital marketing agency in Pune region offering strategic offshore web solutions along with Bulk SMS and email marketing. These service features are target audience oriented providing essential data on a timely basis to the customers. Nspiresoft is a one-roof solution provider when it comes to anything and everything to do with software on or off the web. The company offers website designing, mobile app development, social media marketing, search engine optimization and Domain Branding services.

We are a leading digital marketing agency based in Pune, INDIA. Our highly efficient team of digital maketers, content writers and social media wizards help you chalk out a success story using the above strategy.

If you still have any doubts/questions in your mind about Digital MarketingHealth Fitness Articles, feel happy to annoy us.

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The author is Domain Branding Consultant.

Effectively branding domain involves not only associating brand to the domain name but taking the brand into digital space through specific and strategic digital marketing efforts, which is significant for the new businesses such as startups or launchings of new products, in the early phase of their business lifecycle.

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