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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Would you pay for lousy service?

Would you pay for lousy ... Linda Landry (c)If you sat down in your Barber or ... chair after you agreed on the price of your new 'do', would you be upset if midway thru the cut your

Would you pay for lousy service?
By Linda Landry (c)

If you sat down in your Barber or Hairdresser's chair after you agreed on the price of your new 'do', would you be upset if midway thru the cut your hairdresser informed you the price just went up? I know I would be highly upset! Because I was halfway thru the cut I would have no choice but to accept the pay hike or leave with half a 'do'!
Now, how upset would you be if your Barber or Hairdresser told you, after completing only 95% of the cut, that he/she was finished? I know I would be highly upset.
Would you pay for this service (or should I say lack thereof)?
I know I would not. I can say this honestly because it just happened to me!
Fortunately, it was not a haircut! I hired movers to move my large furniture.
My suggestion of an onsite estimate was declined and his rates were quoted over the telephone. Several weeks later, I was quoted a higher rate for an additional crewmember which would expedite the move, he said. During the process,
he asked me midway if he could finish the job the following day.
I declined this request due to my personal time constraints and then the problems began. He and his crew became very disrespectful and began taking smoke breaks and refusing to 'fit' certain items on the 24' truck. Upon arrival at the new address,
I learned my console television, lawnmower, computer table/monitor, outdoor swing
frame and several large boxes were left behind. Need I tell you that I did not feel like paying for less than I expected or being treated with disrespect?
I did pay him a reduced amount which he found unacceptable and took me to small claims court. I felt confident my 'customer' viewpoint would be understood.
I was wrong, he was awarded a $138.00 judgment AGAINST me!
Why am I telling you this? Well, we net 'marketeers' all have customers;
downlines or subscribers. We are all providing a service, product or customer
relations daily. I am confident you would not treat anyone utilizing
your services with such disdain and lack of consideration. It is,
in my opinion, sad that the lower court system has given this
business person a 'license' to misquote himself and to mistreat his customers.
I can only conclude that in his type of business, a mover, he does not
base his success on REPEAT business or even referrals. He gets a LIVE ONE and milks it for all it is worth. Who can argue with the mover when they are required to leave a premises within 24 hours and lack a truck or other assistance to load their belongings? Few, if any. We may at times have the misperception that one
subscriber, customer or downline can be replaced by another.
That may be true to a degree; but it does not mean the next in line will be
a more diligent downline, faithful subscriber or repeat customer!
What is the moral of this story? Treat your associations as you would be treated.
Each encounter, transaction, opportunity is unique. Let us revel in the
"specialness" of the moment and contact. Let us treat each other like GOLD!
Remember; what goes aroundArticle Submission, comes around.
Here is to OUR online success. Together we will foster the progression
of our online opportunities and thereby reap the benefits of this New Frontier.

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Linda Landry is a net newbie with two retail sites and a new ezine, CYBERSHOPNEWS. She is a publisher dedicated to providing informative and inspirational articles and an affordable media for you to promote your online biz opps.

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