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Monday, July 22, 2019
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How To Get My Ex Wife Back - The Connection To Reese Witherspoon Getting Married Again

I was writing an article for divorced men wondering how to get my ex wife back when I saw that Reese Witherspoon was getting married again. Something in that news report sparked some advice to men wanting their wife back.

While writing some advice to men who had asked how to get my ex wife back I happened upon the news story about Reese Witherspoon getting married again. Something written in that article kind of bothered me since I believe it to be a warning sign to the guy she married.

Maybe it is nothing and Reese and her new husband will be happy for life, I hope so, what I found in that article might apply to you if you are considering trying to get your ex wife back.

You see, Ms. Witherspoon has was married once and had two children. After that marriage ended in divorce she was in a "relationship" with that guy whose name no one can pronounce.

In today's vernacular, "relationship" means that they did everything like being married only without the rings and ceremony. That way when you break up you do not have to use that "D" word, divorce.

The article I read indicated that one of the things the beautiful, talented and arguably wealthy Reese Witherspoon lacked was some security, and that is why she wanted to be married again.

Now that statement may well be in error, and I hope it is not the only reason she is marrying this guy as opposed to any of the thousands of other guys who could also provide security.

What her getting married again has to do with you wanting to get your wife back.

Some men who are divorced will find themselves thinking about getting back together with their ex wife for the wrong reasons, which might be:

* - They are lonely or afraid of being alone

* - They see their ex wife dating other guys and are jealous

* - They feel different now, and do not like that feeling, so getting my wife back will make me feel better (and more secure!)

We refer to this as not having the right motives for the action you seek. While it is never a guarantee that wrong motives will prevent success, I kind of wish it would. Because succeeding for the wrong motives most often leads to unhappiness, YOUR unhappiness.

Seeking to get back together with your ex wife under these conditions can lead to more heartache and disaster for you both, and if there are children involved, them too.

Your first step, therefore, is to analyze your reasons for wanting to get your wife back and make sure that you really do want her back for the right reasons and not just because it seems like what you need right now.

A divorce requires healing, and during that healing process you can expect to experience hurt and emotional discomfort of many kinds.

That said, many divorces do happen for the wrong reasons as well.

So it is not wrong for you to consider reconciliation after divorce or even to start asking how to get my ex wife back.

Lots of men succeed at doing this, so it certainly is possible.

While I cannot make any promises in your particular situation I can tell you that the more prepared you are and the better you plan your reconciliation the better your chances  are of winning her back to you.

Many men just decide one day to try to win their wife back and go about it all wrong, just making her more angry and messing up their chances of getting back together.

Here are some suggestions for you:
1) Do NOT start calling her, emailing, texting or otherwise becoming and instant nuisance to her. If you already are doing this, stop now.

2) Think about what SHE has to gain from reconciling with you and potentially getting back together. It is not all about you.

3) Consider what attracted her to you in the first placeFree Articles, what may have changed in the intervening years and how you can remind her of those things.

Take your time and plan your steps carefully.

You may want to head over to the article I wrote on our website about the Reese Witherspoon connection to how to get my ex wife back as a start in your research.

There is an excellent short video available for you to watch that you will learn from and even enjoy as well. The address is

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Hollywood starlets like Reese Witherspoon handle relationships differently than you and I. Find the answer to how to get my ex wife back at

Mr. Scott has enjoyed assisting people with relationship and marriage issues for many years now. Please note that he may occasionally receive some form of compensation when recommending other experts services or products.

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