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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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How To Stop A Divorce - Start With These 5 Steps

Marriages are put through a lot of stress and strain in the best of times, yet the challenges of today are hardly the best of anything. If you need to know how to stop a divorce then start right now with these 5 steps.

One of the questions I am asked most often is how to stop a divorce. Since the society we live in is quite hostile to the success of a marriage in so many ways this comes as no surprise.

The good news for you if you are facing a divorce or marital separation is that it is possible to stop divorce, and it is never too late to try.

While you may feel your circumstances are unique, here are 5 steps that have been shown to be very effective and are certainly worth your attention.

1.) Husband and Wife need to find time for each other.

This is listed first for a reason. Not only is it critical that spouses make time to talk and share with each other but it is also the one thing we find is most difficult for married couples to do. It is not that you do not want to, it is just that with jobs, the house, the kids and bills, the challenge is overwhelming.

Put the kids to bed, shut off the television and discuss your day. You need to share individual concerns and problems regarding the children but you cannot discuss only the negative. Find positives to share, if only which upcoming movie or concert you would like to go see.

Make this a priority and you are likely to see almost immediate results and may be the key in how to stop a divorce for you.

2.) Show respect for your spouse.

Everyone wants to be respected and not trod upon. Naturally, setting aside time in your busy day for your spouse, as in number one above, is a good way to start showing respect. Ask your spouses opinion on things that matter and give serious consideration to his or her input.

Be supportive of your spouse in their job, hobbies and when working with your children on discipline. Neither of you should ever feel like you face a problem alone.

3.) Do not put each other down.

Some couples feel it is OK to put each other down in private, as long as it is not in front of the kids or others. Wrong. Do not ever put each other down or speak derisively.

But also make sure you never belittle something your spouse says in front of others, and never make him or her the brunt of jokes. Sitcoms on TV do this all the time, but even those couples many times divorce! Do not do it if you want to stay in a happy marriage.

4.) Show appreciation for your husband or wife.

It is so easy to start taking each other for granted in a marriage. You do your chores, they do theirs. Humans also find it easy to think they are bearing an unfair burden of the workload; many times that is simply not the case.

Go out of your way to offer honest compliments to your spouse on the work they do. Praise him or her in front of the children, your parents and others. Always be sincere in doing so.

5.) Be forgiving.

Just as the Bible says, forgive others as you hope to be forgiven by them. None of us is perfect and we will screw up every day. If it is a major issue, ask to discuss the problem, offer help to overcome whatever it is.

Most importantly, though, forgive your partner and move on constructively in a happy marriage so you are not put into a position to stop divorce. Once a matter has been discussed and forgiven, do not bring it up again, bite your tongue instead - it will hurt you and them a lot less.

These 5 tips are just an introduction for how to stop a divorce. Chances are you need more serious medicine right now for your marriage.

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