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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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How To Stop Divorce - 3 Ways To Stop Divorce You Do Not Want

When your marriage is going badly and your spouse is talking divorce you need to find out how to stop divorce and save your marriage. Rekindling the love in your relationship will take time, but you will not have the chance for that if you do not stop the divorce now.

Your marriage is not going well and your spouse wants a divorce. You do not want that and want to know how to stop divorce. What will you do? Here are 3 ways to help you prevent it and possibly save your marriage.

These tips are not guaranteed to work in every situation, but they work in many and therefore are worth a try for you in your marriage. Do not despair though, read through to the end for further ideas and help.

One thing that commonly happens when one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not is that the spouse trying to save the marriage tends to be very vocal about not wanting a divorce. The problem is that this is perceived as whining or complaining and just makes the other person want to get away from you more than ever.

So the trick, then, is to try to be quiet about the matter. Be on your best behavior to be civil in all discussion and communication and always look to see things from the other persons point of view, that is one way how to stop divorce.

Be positive about life in general and do your best to be happy. People enjoy being around those that lift them up. Happy people are fun to be around, crabby ones are not. You want to be of the former (happy) not the latter.

Think back about the times when you two first met. Did you whine, complain and carry on all the time? Probably not. So that was not what your spouse was looking for in a mate then and likely is not looking for that now. See yourself as he or she sees you and act accordingly.

Next, without being fake or phony in any way, do your best to be agreeable. Whether it is what temperature to set the thermostat at or what to eat; see if you can agree with what your partner prefers instead of being difficult or disagreeable.

Sometimes we think that we know what our partner wants and act accordingly. But maybe we are taking them for granted and maybe even projecting our own desires onto them thinking that is what they want. Perhaps you have been annoying your spouse like that for years, find out by asking what they want instead.

Finally, look in the mirror or other reflective surfaces and notice what your face is saying to those around you. Are you smiling, scowling, indifferent? Try to put a smile on your face whenever possible and be as genuine as possible.

Think maybe you are not as attractive as you used to be? Wonder if you could save your marriage if only you looked younger or better? Most people, even "pretty" people like movie stars look about 10 times more attractive when smiling. Besides how you look to others, researchers have found that smiling actually affects our own happiness in a positive way over time.

If divorce is not what you want then do not stop with just these tips here. There are lots more ideas on how to stop divorce and we would love to connect you up with them. You might be able to save your marriage if you are serious about it.

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When your spouse talking divorce you need to find out how to stop divorce. Come over to right now and let us help stop the divorce you do not want.

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