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Monday, June 17, 2019
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I Want Him To Love Me Again - Are You Making This Mistake?

Are you making this mistake with your man? Women who feel their love is not being returned usually do not want out of the relationship, but they do confide that "I want him to love me again". Not knowing any better, they often make things worse. Here is key relationship advice for a woman wanting to reignite his love for you.

Women who find themselves in a relationship or marriage where they still love their man but do not feel that love returned get frustrated, sometimes angry and often simply cry out "I want him to love me again". Can that love and intimacy be restored?

Yes, often times it can be. While the statistics may show high break up and divorce rates I feel that is often caused by neither partner knowing what to do to heal the relationship and restore the love that once was so strong. Maybe the anger prevailed and was acted upon and even later regretted.

Sometimes when a women feels unloved she will attempt to dote on her guy, fawn over him and even try additional seduction. Whether any of that helps in the short run varies from one situation to another, but it is a mistake that usually fails in the long run.

One key to getting him to love you again is to show him the admiration and respect that he craves from you. This is shown with the physical overtures as long as they are sincere and do not attempt to manipulate him, but more important to the long term health of the relationship can be your actions with him in public.

If you cut him down in front of his friends or your friends, possibly making him the butt of too many jokes; or not respecting his opinion, the physical overtures may even be repelled. Some women refuse to believe their husbands answer to a question, but would accept that same information as absolute truth if it came from someone they hardly knew.

Women who find their husband or boyfriend cheating on them are often shocked that the other woman is not necessarily younger, thinner or better looking than she is. It can be that the other woman simply looked up to and admired him the way he craved to be admired and respected.

Take notice especially if your guy accuses you of nagging. Remember, it is not whether you think you nag or not, the question is what does he say? Nagging never works anyway; if you want him to do something for you then be a woman he wants to do things for. And do not cut down his work after he does it!

All of this not to say that you cannot express displeasure with himFree Reprint Articles, get angry with him or that you have to "filter" your feelings. Just make sure that your expressions are balanced and that you do not take him for granted and not show him your positive feelings too.

If your strongest feeling in your relationship is "I want him to love me again" then take action right now to repair your relationship.

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Mr. Scott has enjoyed assisting people with relationship and marriage issues for many years now. Please note that he may occasionally receive some form of compensation when recommending other experts services or products.

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