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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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I Want My Wife To Love Me Again - Here Is Some Advice To Regain Her Affections

Does it seem like your wife has fallen out of love with you? There can be many reasons, here is some rock solid advice that is sure to help any husband. This just might save your marriage and make you a much happier man.

I want my wife to love me again, is that so much to ask, is it possible? Many husbands find themselves in a stale marriage where their wife has either come out and said she does not love him anymore or she just never says it and does not act like it.

Which is worse, to have her say it outright or to wonder? Of course, women are complex so even if a wife says she does not love her husband anymore, you really cannot be sure. It could be just a warning shot across the bow, to use a little naval language.

Hopefully this advice will offer men a chance to correct their "I want my wife to love me again" problem.

First, it may help to know that many wives will up and leave their husband if they really do not love him anymore. So if your wife is still with you, that is a good sign. But where does that leave you and how do you improve your marriage and your life?

As I mentioned above, women are very complex creatures, and that is good most of the time. But even as they seem to have everything under control as they juggle the house, the kids, their own life and maybe even a job or two outside the house, they still need a healthy dose of attention and appreciation to be happy.

This kind of reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer in "One Fine Day" with George Clooney. Her character acted like she had it all together, with tough as nails shell and a sharp tongue. But down inside, there was a need for love and attention that made her melt when she started to get it.

So ask yourself how much you appreciate everything your wife does for you and the family; and more so, how much you show it to her. If she cooks for you, do you tell her how good the food is, then help her clean up?

I know you have your own work to do, but do not expect her to give you credit for that, just suck it up. Find ways of being more efficient with your stuff so you can help her with hers. If you try to keep score, you will lose, so forget it.

Make mention of any attempt she makes to look good, dress nice or act kindly. Do not make a big deal out of it and do not expect anything in return. You can even tell her how nice she looks and then turn and head out the door to work.

I know you want your wife to love you again, but start out by helping her to just like you. How can a wife love her husband again if she does not have any reason to like him? She will be inclined to like someone who makes a habit of noticing her and offering sincere compliments.

Give her plenty of space, too. If you can give her a break by taking the kids and leaving her with some "me" time, she will probably appreciate it - even if she does not know what to do with it. Maybe a gift certificate to a local spa may help her figure that part out.

Be sure and take care of yourself, too. She probably did not marry a slob who smells or leaves a trail of crumbs or dirty laundry wherever he has been, and likely does not want to live with someone like that now. If you have put on some extra weight, see about getting rid of it. That will be good for you no matter what happens.

Once you decide "I want my wife to love me again"Article Submission, make a commitment to being the person she fell in love with and strive to be a likeable person. This is not an easy chore I know.

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