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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Romance Your Wife - Ask Her Out On A Romantic Date

If you want to romance your wife, think about how you won her heart in the first place. Your romantic relationship may have started out when you called her and asked her out on a date. When you went out for the first time, you were sweet, romantic and you tried hard to impress her. She apparently enjoyed your loving attention, because she ended up marrying you. If you want to romance your wife, it is time to start dating her again.

Before you start, do a little research. What do you think your wife would like to do on a romantic date? If you decide to go to dinner and a movie, what restaurant do you think she would enjoy? What movie has she been wanting to see? If your wife enjoys a certain type of restaurant, ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations. They may also have ideas for a really good movie.

After youíve decided on the plans for your romantic date, call her several days in advance and ask her out. When you call her, act like you are asking her out for a first date. For example:

Jack: Hi Jane?

Jane: Yes?

Jack: Hi, this is Jack Johnson. Jane, Iíve really enjoyed the time weíve spent together and I was wondering if you would be interested in going out this weekend?

Jane: Jack? You mean like on a date?

Jack: Yes, I thought we could both enjoy some time together.

Jane: Why that does sound nice, what did you have in mind?

Jack: Thereís a new restaurant on Fifth Avenue that I have heard good things about. I thought we could have dinner there and then see "Romance Never Dies" at the movie theater.

Jane: Well Jack, it sounds like you have this all planned out. That sounds wonderful. Iím free Saturday night.

Jack: Saturday night it is. Iíll look forward to it!

Jane: So will I!

When the big day comes, act like itís your first date. Get your car washed, select some nice clothes to wear and shower and shave just before your date. If youíre wife asks what youíre doing, tell her you have a hot date tonight. When it is time for your date, pull the car out front. Get out of the car and knock on the front door. When your wife answers the door, greet her and ask her if she is ready for your romantic date. When you walk her to the car, be sure to open the car door for her. Throughout your date, work hard to try to impress her, just as you would on a first date. When you arrive home after the date, walk around the car and open the car door for her. Walk her to the door. When you get to the porch, take her hands in yours and tell her that you had a very nice time and that you hope that you can do it again some time soon. Then, end your date with a sweet, romantic goodnight kiss.

If you want to romance your wifeFeature Articles, never stop dating her.

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Timothy Mahar runs the website which includes romantic ideas and a collection of romantic love letters.

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