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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Sign of a Cheating Spouse: Anonymous and Loving It

It has rightly or wrongly become an essential part of our day to day lives. It has also become the meeting place of the twenty first century. Nobody understands this better than a cheating spouse.

It has been one of the great marvels of out time if not the greatest. The potential to instantaneously meet and talk with people of different backgrounds from around the world is a phenomenon. What makes it even more special is it all takes place from the privacy of your own home.

Internet World Stats estimates there are now over one billion people on the world wide web. This means that on any given day roughly twenty one percent of the total world population is online. 

However there is another phenomenon taking place when it comes to the internet.  The online world is rapidly becoming the place for extramarital relations. 

Dr. Michael Adamse is the co-author of "Affairs of the Net: The Cybershrinks' Guide to Online Relationships; "Approximately 70% of time on-line is spent in chat rooms or sending e-mail; of these interactions, the vast majority are romantic in nature."

Chatting it up romantically with someone other than your current partner is bad enough but all too often it does not stop there. Whether someone tells themselves that cyber messages are the boundary they will not go beyond or not, the powerful seed known as curiosity has already been planted. 

If two people who have never met are hitting it off with some kind of correspondence (doesn't matter if it is in a chat room or the old fashion pen pal letters), then it is only natural to want to know more about each other. An initial phone conversation may be the next step after all the cyber back and forth. Again they are only curious and tell themselves this is as far as it goes. That is until they hear the other person's voice and the phone conversation turns out to be better than the online exchanges.  Then it's only a hop, skip and a leap to getting together for lunch or whatever else comes their way. And remember it all started with a little curiosity.        

What gives it that extra kick is that a cheating spouse can remain anonymous during the whole process. Their significant other may not have a clue what is going on since the usual tell tale signs of marriage infidelity are non existent. If the cheating spouse also happens to be more computer savvy then they have a real advantage. Let's face it, with the internet becoming an integral part of our lives, you may take no notice of your spouse sitting at the terminal for long periods of time or that every occasion you use the computer, the browser history has been wiped clean. 

Let your instincts be your guide. Politely interrupt your spouse and ask to use the computer. Gage their reaction. Also mention to them that the websites you visited were stored in the browser memory; yet every time you log on they seem to disappear. Again check out their response and watch the body language. Are your instincts telling you anything?

The internet is a wonderful tool that has unleashed all kinds of possibilities but for every positive there is a negative. Marriage infidelity can take place regardless if someone is online or not. RegrettablyHealth Fitness Articles, we've now reached a point where a spouse can carry on an extramarital affair with their significant other sitting in the same room. 

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Article written by Daryl Campbell- The Relationship Tip – Find out in just 3 minutes if your spouse is cheating on you

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