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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again? - Help For Men In A Loveless Marriage

Are you feeling the pain of living in a loveless marriage? Do you find yourself asking "Will my wife ever love me again?". There is hope and in this article we outline some steps you can take to evaluate your marriage and renew your wife's love for you.

Many men feel trapped in a loveless marriage, and find themselves asking "will my wife ever love me again?". Is that you? If so, you are certainly not alone. It can be possible to revive the love in your marriage and have your wife again showing affection and enjoying being married to you.

Don't think that it necessarily will be easy, though. Depending on where you two are in your relationship this could take time, persistence and effort on your part.

I wish there was a cut and dried answer to your question, will my wife ever love me again, and I want that answer to be "yes". But before we can find that out, here are some steps for to take right now to help evaluate where your marriage stands currently.

Step 1.
Ask yourself whether your wife has ever directly told you she does not love you anymore or given any indication that she does not love you. Did she mention or hint at divorce? Is there a lack of physical intimacy in your marriage? Or is it just your perception that she does not love you?

That is what you want to determine first, because it could be other issues that are bogging her down in life, distracting her mentally or emotionally. While men are usually accused of being the poor communicators, it is wrong to think that a women will not bottle up her problems resulting in a cold and distant marriage relationship.

Step 2.
Regardless of your answers in step 1 above the reality is that you still love your wife and want her to love you in return. The next thing you need to understand is that this situation probably did not happen overnight. It was a process that started downhill and likely gathered momentum in a way similar to a snowball.

Chances are, communication between the two of you started breaking down, then became less and less. At some point, you will need to reopen and reinvigorate that line of communication.

It is important to understand and remember that just as the demise of your relationship did not happen overnight, the repair likely will not either. Be patient and do not rush her.

Step 3.
Next, you want to comply with any wishes your wife has made so far. If she has told you she just needs some time or needs some space, then take that as reality and provide it.

What you do not want to do is give her a deadline for the "time"; tell her you cannot provide "space" or start whining, whimpering or being "clingy" or "needy". You are both grown adults and you want to act like one.

Step back from her if that is what she requests, but always maintain manners, politeness and common courtesy. Do NOTHING that would make her not want to be around you.

In fact, now is a good time to run through the list of things you are supposed to be doing and make sure you ARE doing them - picking up after yourself, cleaning up the bathroom, maintaining the "honey do" list around the house, etc.

After a while we hope she will miss you and realize that she really does not want to be rid of you.

Step 4.
Do what you would do if you were trying to court her in the first place. Improve your physical appearance; eat right, exercise (maybe work out a little) and always dress like you care who sees you.

As these steps start to take hold, you should see some opportunities to increase the communication between you little by little. Perhaps she will reveal what is really bothering her and then we can address it.

At that point you will get the real answer to your original question which was "will my wife ever love me again?". Like I said early on in this article, this may not be quick and probably not easy; but you do want your wife back, right?

Get the help you need to really make sure you do this right. Mess it up and you could drive her away forever. We have resources to help youFree Reprint Articles, the address is Start fixing your marriage today.

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