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Monday, January 27, 2020
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Epathic Shielding

One of the biggest problems that psychics have is getting unwanted information that is disruptive to their daily lives. This is especially difficult for those that resonate most strongly to emotional data. We know them as Empaths. People that feel other peoples emotions.

This is such a big problem that I have been asked by several people, in the last two days, to explain some techniques they can use to find a bit of peace!

First I want to clarify what is going on with Empaths, as opposed to say, Telepaths, or Clairvoyants. It makes life much easier to deal with when you understand why a specific type of psychic phenomenon happens to you all the time, and other types hardly happen at all.

At this point in time it seems that we have only one psychic “organ” which is our brain. Most specifically it seems that the actual sensing organ in the brain lies in the more primitive regions near the base of the brain. We don’t have a special organ, like eyes or ears, for each psychic ability. Rather empathy, telepathy, precognition, post-cognition, remote viewing and a whole host of other abilities seem to be a perceptual difference of the same sense. A different approach to the same thing, if you will.

It would be like being able to see in all colors, but only noticing red, lets say, or blue. You still have the equipment to see them all, only you focus on the one type of color, ignoring the others.

So it is with psychic abilities.

We tend to pay attention to certain kinds of data and disregard, on a subconscious level as often as not, all of the other information coming in. This seems to be a kind of protective mechanism. Without this natural tendency to disregard most input we would be bombarded with a vast flood of psychic data. So much so in fact that it is likely that no one could function for any length of time.

Another part of our natural defense mechanism is a field of energy and information that surrounds our bodies. This protective quality seems to be one of the primary jobs of our aura. It acts as a natural filter for incoming data and energy. We can strengthen this field using various methods, which will help to control how much we have to deal with on a deep internal level.

For now, we will work with these two key components, as they can be brought to bear fairly easily in an emergency situation. From these two essentials we get several ways to protect ourselves from outside information.

1. Distract yourself from emotional thought patterns and psychic information that resonate to these thought patterns. This can be done in several ways. You could try and do complicated math problems in your head, for instance. Another popular technique is to visualize an object in between you and the incoming information. Try a red rose or the face of a popular movie figure. This is a fast way of finding some relief, but far from the most effective.

2. Strengthen your natural defense field and distract yourself by visualizing a wall or force field around yourself. A glowing egg of energy works well, pick you favorite color! The more vivid the shield you imagine, the stronger it will be. You can set this field to keep out any kind of information you wish. In fact with a bit of practice you can allow in only one type of information, which will allow that info to make itself known on a far more powerful level, as it will have no competition for your attention. This is perhaps the most common technique of shielding. You can also ground yourself, let excess energy flow off of you, by imagining a link or cord that goes from the base of your tailbone to a point deep within the Earth. Some find this helpful, and if nothing out requires more concentration to visualize, which may help you find relief.

3. If you are ready for something a bit more challenging, but very effective, you can generate a protective field of information in concert with your subconscious mind. Instead of visualizing a shield around you, try to feel the field around your body strengthening on a fundamental level. Do this without using mental images or words for best result. You can control the type of field you generate by holding a deep meditative state while keeping the concept without distraction in as pure a form as possible. You can use this field to perform any shielding task you wish. This type of shielding is very powerful, but really only needed if you are actively under a strong mental assault. (For more information please read the article “The Greatest “Secret” of the Mind.” By Dale Power)

Now these different ways of shielding will only work against non-physical intrusions into your mind. For physical threats you have to use a more advanced technique, Aversion Shielding. An article on this topic will be coming soon.

For now you will find that you have to concentrate on shielding at about a 1 to 4 ratio. One minute of concentration to 4 minutes of shielding, as the effects tend to linger for a bit. As you gain confidence and solid technique you will get far better results. With more advanced methods you may only have to reinforce your shielding once every week or so. (More on this later too.)

All three of these techniques are useful for different things and you will find that learning to use them all can be of great benefit. If you are having trouble with psychic intrusions into your mind, you can trouble shoot by using them all in the order given here.

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Dale Power is a psychic healer, research and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years.
Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

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