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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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The Power Of ONE...A Marketer's Dream

Can you recruit just ONE Person a month?You can become extremely wealthy, simply by recruiting just Oneperson a month into a viable Network Marketing/MLM or AffiliateProgram.Although many strive to re...

Can you recruit just ONE Person a month?
You can become extremely wealthy, simply by recruiting just One
person a month into a viable Network Marketing/MLM or Affiliate

Although many strive to recruit many people all at once, if you
will focus on recruiting One Person at a time you can become
extremely wealthy. This process can realistically achieve wealth
in just 12-18 months, for most any Network Marketing/MLM or
Affiliate Program.

Just ONE! Using the principle of DUPLICATION, recruit one,
recruit that is Ready, Willing and Committed to recruit Just ONE
new member each month, for the next 12-18 months. That new
recruit, should also be one that is Ready, Willing and Committed
to recruit Just One new member each month for the next 12-18

This Is The Principle Of DUPLICATION!

This Is The POWER OF ONE! The Power Of Network Marketing!

It Is Simple But Very POWERFUL!
All that you have to do is, use your Ability, Attitude, And Your
Commitment To Succeed.

Your Ability:

Your Ability is whatever is comfortable for you that works for
you. That could be contacting and recruiting one Person a week
or ten people a week.

Your Attitude:

Your Attitude is of utmost importance and very powerful. It is
the deciding factor to your degree of success in any venture.
If for example, your attitude is negative, then give your-self a
check-up from your neck up. Because if your attitude is NOT a
Positive One you will fail in any venture.

You will then be one of those who sit back and watch the rest of
us succeed while you continue to find excuses... bad attitude.

Your Commitment:

Your Commitment is the final factor that will decide how far You
Will Go, if at all. You must be committed to putting in whatever
time and effort it takes to achieving your goal.

Never Give In To Obstacles! Never! Never Give Up!

Be consistent, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month
at a time. Remain Focused And Committed To YOUR Goal.

Remind Yourself:

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me. I Can, I Must And I Will Make It

This simple method of Duplication creates a very powerful
doubling effect. If you could double your efforts each and every
month while teaching others to do the same, DUPLICATING
your business, You can become extremely rich in a very short
period of time.

The people you recruit could also become extremely rich, which
is A Win - Win Situation. To see how this simple method works
and to learn The Power Of One, *** Pay Very Close Attention!

*** When YOU Start You Are ONE.

Lets see what would happen if you recruited just 1 person each
month for 12 consecutive months, sharing this idea of Recruiting
One new person per month for 12 months with them.

Now lets break that down over 12 months with each person
Duplicating them-self by just ONE per month:

Month one = You + your 1 = 2
Month two = You 1 + their 1 = 2
Month three = Those 2 + their 2 =
Month four = those 4 + their 4 =
Month five = those 8 + their 8 =
Month six = those 16 + their 16 =
Month seven = those 32 + their 32 =
Month eight = those 64 + their 64 = 128
Month nine = those 128 + their 128 = 256
Month ten = those 256 + their 256 = 512
Month eleven = those 512 + their 512 = 1,024
Month twelve = those 1,024 + their 1,024 = 2,048

For A Total Of: 4,096

At the end of 12 months you and those you recruited, who have
Duplicated you, will give you 4,096 recruits to your

Through this simple principle, you would have Duplicated your
business 4,096 times. Just think, what would your business be
like if you duplicated one person a day or week, rather than our
example of a month. With Duplication, you become your best
Testimony in selling your products/services to others.

Based on the Principle of DUPLICATION where would your business
be one year from today, If You recruited 10 people per month,
and shared with them the concept of doing the very same for 12

Get your calculator out and do the math. What would your income
be in lets say a year, with your particular opportunity. Just
thinkFree Articles, you can do this year after year after year!

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