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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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The Top 3 Proven (and Profitable) Long-Distance Recruiting Methods

Online network marketing trainer, Chris Zavadowski, reveals 3 proven, easy methods for recruiting long-distance prospects into your MLM, regardless of your product or service.

“If you build your business properly, 80% of your organization will be outside your backyard.”Have you heard that often-quoted line before?While I’m not sure if the “80%” number is correct, I DO know that if you’re consistently planting the right seeds (keyword: consistently), then you’ll have a hard time keeping your business in your backyard. In fact, it’ll become near impossible.But, like anything worth achieving, you need a plan of action. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my top three proven, profitable ways to recruit long distance. Pick your favorite method that follows, dive in and master it! Here we go…LONG DISTANCE METHOD #1: "Don't Call Me...I'll Call You"This method works best with your Instant MLM Sales Letters templates, and it’s quite simple. Find someone who you consider a long distance prospect (anywhere you don’t want to drive, really) and mail a “sales letter” or cover letter along with your tape/CD/video. THEN, call them to let them know a special package is on the way.FACT: Getting your prospect to look at whatever you send is your TOP priority. The #1 way to make sure they look at what you send is to give them a call right after you've mailed it (and before they've received it).Let them know you sent them a special package in the mail (hopefully via Priority Mail) and to be watching their mailbox. Tell them you sent a CD/tape/video/etc. and that it's only XX minutes long. They should be receiving it by Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc. and you were calling to set a time to follow-up with them after they watch it. Ask them if they need one day or two days to get to it.Get your follow-up time. Get off the phone.(If they ask what this is about - tell them that's why you sent them the information - because it explains everything).With your prospect locked into a follow-up time, and knowing you've spent money out of your pocket to send them this, your chances of success are MUCH greater.LONG DISTANCE METHOD #2: "Plug 'n Play"If you don't have a CD or tape handy (or if you don't want to spend the money to mail anything just yet) - then this method is for you.First, make sure you have a pre-recorded message available.You still will call your prospect, but this time you just ask them if they have 5 minutes available. Many people have objections to spending much time talking or looking at anything, so if you have a quick "sizzle" call available about your product or opportunity, it makes for a great exposure to start with. Ideally, you'd 3-way them into the recording, but if you can't - you can give them the number and follow back up right afterward.There are several benefits to this approach:1) You've only spent 5-10 minutes of your time. If they aren't interested, you didn't "lose" much.2) If they are interested, then you can go back to method #1 and send them a cover letter and tape/CD.3) It shows them you have a simple SYSTEM in place and that they could easily do it.The key is to be moving them to the next exposure all the time.(Note: A more 'techie' twist would be to take a sizzle call and record it for ONLINE use. That means you could email it, post it on a website, put it in autoresponders, etc. Up until about a year and a half ago, it was tricky to do. Now, it's brain-dead simple. If you want to go the Internet route with this, check out )LONG DISTANCE METHOD #3: "Now Hear This!"Similar to method #2, this method has you bringing your prospect to a third party (noticing a pattern yet?) on the phone.Ask your upline for a list of great live conference calls happening on a regular basis. Then bring your long-distance prospect onto the LIVE event using 3-way calling. With this method, many times the person actually presenting the call will be doing some sort of close for you, but don't count on it.So here's what I do: I make sure I have someone else on my team available for a 3-way call AFTER the conference call (upline, downline - doesn't matter, as long as they have good knowledge and 3-way skills). Then instead of YOU having to be the expert with your prospect, you're simply moving him or her on to a third party and yet another exposure.This is a great method to use after #1 or #2 - once you've qualified your long distance prospect a bit.Just remember: No matter what you do - it's important to keep it all SYSTEMATIC, so your prospects are subconsciously feeling they can do it.Pick one method to start withHealth Fitness Articles, then master it BEFORE you move on to the next one.Slow and steady wins the race.

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Chris Zavadowski has gained top recognition online and in the network marketing community for his unique ways of growing Internet businesses and MLM downlines! Having worked full-time from home since 2001, he's taught thousands his successful ways of working online and leveraging their efforts. Chris creates breakthrough online MLM marketing tools, and more details can by found at:

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