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Friday, October 22, 2021
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5 effective ways how to make your books more valuable.

5 ... ways how to make your books more ... Patric Chan ... 2004. I had just ... another ... book by Anthony Robbins last week. In fact, that's the fourth Anthony Rob

5 effective ways how to make your books more valuable.

by Patric Chan copyright 2004.

I had just purchased another motivational book by
Anthony Robbins last week. In fact, that's the
fourth Anthony Robbins book that I had bought.

When I got home that day, I realized that I got a shelf full of self improvement books!!

Sometimes, we never did finish reading
the books that we had bought.

That's why, I've come up with 5 ways on how you
can make full use of the self improvement books
that you've bought.

1. Read it several times.

Don't read books as if it's a marathon competition
that you must finish reading as many books as possible
in your life.

It's better to learn and understand 5 books content
that you had read rather than to complete reading 20
books but you cannot understand or remember.

From my experience, I realized that I'll be able to
absorb more knowledge and understand what the book is teaching on the second time of reading it.

2. Share the knowledge learned.

Research has shown that if you share with others
what you had learned, you'll learn and understand
the information much more better. When you shared, youíll also help those who you shared with.

You can also share your thoughts at online forums.
One of the online forum that I post is Anthony
Robbins's online website forum,

3. Swap the book you have with you friends.

I know it is fun to collect books. But sometimes,
there are some books that you like to read, but
you do not necessary need to own or buy it.

Here is an example. My favorite speaker is
Anthony Robbins and I listen to all of his audios
but, I just like to read Jim Rohn's book. I don't
necessary need to buy Jim's book. What Iíll do
is that, I'll call my friend who likes to buy Jim
Rohn's book and exchange with him my Anthony
Robbins books.

So, in this way, both of us are happy because we only
need to buy one book, but we get to read 2 books.

4. Donate it

Look at your book shelf. Are there any books that you
donít read anymore? Rather than leaving it there, why
not donate it to the library or charity, where you can help someone else?

This will help 2 types of people; those who really want to read but do not have the money to buy and those who have money to buy, but did not see the value in books so they never did buy.

5. Take action and practice.

I've seen so many people buy books and complete
reading it but they never take any action of what
they've learned. You have to understand that, no
matter how much you understand or learned, if you
do not take action, you'll never going to get results.

After you have taken the action, youíll have to
practice it consistently to master the knowledge.

A self improvement book invested will bring you many
fold of knowledge in return as long as you make full use of it.

Don't waste a book by tossing it away half completed.

Go check on your book shelf to see if there is any
books of yours that had been neglected. If itís
a good book that you had read before, make it a
point to read it again.

If it is not doing anything thereArticle Submission, think again what
you can do with it in the next 5 minutes.

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Patric Chan

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