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Sunday, February 24, 2019
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About that Dream...

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning howto sail my ship."--Louisa May AlcottRemember your very first job? That all-grown-up feeling!Your own money to buy things... The independence?Do you sti...

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how
to sail my ship."

--Louisa May Alcott

Remember your very first job? That all-grown-up feeling!
Your own money to buy things... The independence?

Do you still have that excitement today? Do you jump out of
bed, eager to start a new day? Or are you tired, maybe even
slightly depressed?

Perhaps you've lost touch with your own special *dream* over
the years. What was it? Have you thought about your dream
lately? Acknowledging it can free you up to remove the

Those Nasty Obstacles

What's keeping you from your dream? Start a small list of
things you consider obstacles in your way. Are they *Time,*
*Energy,* *Money?* Is your life just too stressful?
Brainstorm some solutions and write them in the column next
to the obstacles.

Each of the above were obstacles for me. We were about
$14,000 in debt (credit cards and school loans). I was
working 40-60 hours a week -- just to pay the bills. Using
my energy to work for *things,* leaving none for pursuing
my dream.

The Negotiation

If you could trade something for your dream, what would it
be? If you wanted it so badly you could taste it -- how
could you make it happen?

I wanted to work part time and pursue my writing. I
negotiated with myself. If I could learn to live on 20
hours pay per week, I could go part time. Two and a half
years later, we were debt free with a small nest egg. Our
spending was minimal. I had finished the first draft of my
book a year earlier. I moved to part time, evening hours,
and my new job was now 3 miles from home. My immediate
goal of part time had spurred me on.

What could you negotiate with yourself today - to pull your
dream a little bit closer? How about making a small deal
with yourself? If I (fill in the blank), then I could (fill
in the blank). Who better to negotiate with?

Which Way to Easy Street?

There is no Easy Street (at least not on my road map). But
there is that road less traveled... with a few obstacles
along the way. My husband lost two jobs soon after I made
major changes in my life, the first just months later. It
wasn't easy, but I had Plan B ready to go.

What's the worst thing that could happen if you take a
different path? Beneath your obstacle list from above, jot
down the worst things that might happen. In the column next
to them, jot down some ideas for a Plan B of your own.

What's Keeping You?

***Time*** Instead of working more hours away from home
for 'extra money'Business Management Articles, could you invest your time in planning
and saving for your dream? Do your current activities move
you closer to doing what you'd love to do?

***Energy*** Short on energy? Try blowing the dust off your
dream. You'll be amazed at the renewed energy you'll have!
Eliminate energy wasters -- things that don't move you forward.

***Money*** What spending can you 'exchange' if it means
finally living your dream? Money I spent weekly buying books
is now funneled back into my dream. Trade your current
spending for your dream. You'll be wonderfully surprised at
how much money you'll *find* for your dream!

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Darlene Arechederra is author of Rat Race Blues-How to Break
the Stranglehold. Do what you *love* to do for a living, not
what you *have* to do! Darlene offers hope and help in
*finding* money, time and energy to support your dreams.
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