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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Is it just me or are there pregnant ladies everywhere? In the city, shopping malls, crossing the street, at cafes even at the swimming pool? This is wonderful to see new life beginning and the ladies displaying their beautiful bellies. Even the clothes they wear are flattering, no longer are they wearing granny tops that look like tents, these soon-to-be mums, have hit the fashion stakes and look fit and healthy. Even the clothes stores have more choices now catering for such Romanesque women. It’s a mine field, and naturally then come the baby clothes and baby things. Don’t get me started on that!

Can this be an indicator that the economy is doing well and people are realizing their dreams to have a family because the indicators are there? Steady employment, Low inflation, consumer confidence is high, steady interest rates and lets not forget the price of bananas are back to pre-cyclone Larry days. Life seems to giving us these signals that new life is now welcomed, and thus the abundance.

We live in a great city, Sydney has so much to offer those seeking, balance, variety, career and lets not forget lifestyle, a great lifestyle in fact compared to our other western neighbours. The big difference between cities like Paris, Toyko, London, New York and Sydney is the fact that we have abundant space and yes our population per capita is also different and that does impact, what I am referring to is the natural space, national parks are the gems of this state as are our abundant natural habitat, only in Sydney could you find ferry penguins living side by side the corporate suit, kilometers from each other!

We have increased our awareness with life choices and have embraced change as part of our personal growth. Ranging from the corporate work environment adapting to new policies, to going out on our own and establishing a small business, as this gives us more choice and personal motivation to succeed doing what we are most passionate about.

Life nowadays is about choice, and this too can be overwhelming. If we have two things to pick from its easier to decide, if there is too much choice often we are blinded by this decision and we walk out of the shop empty handed.

Humans are creatures of habit and we tend to stick with what we know, that is our comfort ability zone isn’t it? To challenge that means we venture out of the unknown, and how scary is that? With challenging yourself comes growth and having new experiences, we change our habits and our patterns, we evolve.

Often times when we are at crossroads with change, or a situation, this makes us realize that there are many forks on the road; it is good to ask for help and get a professional Success Coach to help you get to where you want to go. They are trained to assist you get that focus and if you are ‘stuck’ to increase your awareness so you can move forward confidently. No man is an island as one client said to me recently, I agree, we are social beings, emotional and have a basic need to connect with others. Through having a coaching relationship you can improve your situation and move towards what you want most.

Life is meant to be abundant in all areas: health, relationships, career, financialFree Articles, spirituality and emotional. If you are not living your life the way you truly want then its time you visited a Success Coach and get that momentum in your life.

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