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Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Aromatherapy Without the Candle

When you donít want a candle burning, but you want the scent to permeate your special room to help you concentrate, try a Burner and the with the scent that aids you to find that special place to relax.

Aromatherapy is the ability to add scent to your concentration efforts to seek that special place in which to concentrate, reduce stress, and find yourself all over again.† Our sense of smell has been documented to directly affect our emotions. Part of our nervous system that helps to control our emotions is connected to our nose or sense of smell. Thus, there is proof that using aromatherapy candles will have an effect on our mindset and our emotions.† The use of the right scent to evoke the right emotion to aid you in finding those relaxing or revealing mindsets is the key to aromatherapy.

Yet what happens if you donít like to burn candles?† Many people find that the burning of any candle in their home isnít what they would like to do.† The exposures to a fire or the emissions of a burning candle are believed to be harmful to their home.† What is a person to do if they want to use aromatherapy to their advantage?†

Actually the answer to this dilemma is and has been around for years.† A Tart Melt burner provide the same effect for aromatherapy as a burning candle and even can provide the aromatherapy effect longer than a burning candle in many cases because most people extinguish the candle after their timed concentration session.††

Tart Melts have been around for years yet few people knew want they were or how to use a burner to melt them.† Actually it is simple.† A burner melts the wax containing the scent desired to a temperature to allow the scent to permeate the desired area.† The desired odor or aroma stimulates the smell factor allowing the aromatherapy effect to take place, all without a burning candle.† This effect doesnít stop here.† It lasts for hours stimulating your sense of smell to continue the therapy even without your concentration on the idea you initially intended on.† This simulates that part of your brain called the subconscious that records your session and continues the therapy you desired.† This effect lasts longer than the time you take in concentrating or relaxing or visualizing the world you would like to have surrounding you.

The Tart Melt burners have the additional resource of allowing you to melt your aromatherapy candles you may have burned down and have lost their appeal, but have not lost their scent.† Simply break them up and put them into a burner.† The Aromatic scent will then fill the area you desire giving you the same effect as the burning candle without the flame.†

No mess and no fussing with trimming of wicks is just one advantage of the Tart Melt Burners.† Cleaning up is a snap.† Turn off your burner and let the wax cool down before touching the melting plate.† Simply put the melting plate into your freezer for a short time and the wax will slip off the melting plate.† Now you are ready for the next Tart Melt.

If you use the flame as a focus point for your therapy along with the scent of the burning candle, this effect will be enhanced when you put the remainder of the candle into a burner and melt it.† The aroma that stimulates you will be there.† The effect on your mind will still be there, even if the flame you may use to concentrate is no longer visible.† Even if you retire leaving a burner on with the desired Aromatic scent lingering in the area of your bedchamber, the aromatherapy will continue.† That part of your mind that you are trying to relax will respond.† In the morning, you will be renewed.† The aromatherapy effect will last as long as the scent fills you bedchamber.†

Hopefully you are well on your way to that moment of relaxation youíve been longing for.† Turn your burner on and enjoy the scent that brings you to that point of relaxation your desire.† If it is the flame you enjoy, burn a Votive to increase your visualization effect; them place it into your burner for the long lasting safe effect without the flame.† Using aromatherapy Tart Melts to enjoy a great book, or a long hot bath without disturbances of any kind will help you unwind.†

Loosen up and start taking some time for yourself.† Enjoy your newly found serenity by using a burner to have the aromatherapy effect last and last.† You wonít have the worry about a lighted candle when you retire in your bedchamber with a burner.† The effect of the aroma will last all night stimulating the same thought patterns you desire to help you awaken refreshed and renewed the next day.

We truly hope this helps those who donít want a lighted candle burning unattended.† Tart Melt burners will give you the same aromatherapy effect by emitting the desired scent that stimulates you to relax or concentrate or visualize.† They have the same effect on others in your home.† Burn a Tart Melt of Fudge Brownies and you will have them in your kitchen looking for them.† It is a natural effect.† Put to the right useBusiness Management Articles, you will find you can free yourself from the stress and begin to enjoy life again; all because you now know how to use a burner.† Life is too short not to enjoy a few moments for you.† You will appreciate this information only after you put it to use.† Enjoy!

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Copyright: © 2007 Daniel Grasser & Bobbie Grasser of† All rights reserved.† You are free to copy this article intact with the authors bio attached.† You can find a selection of Tart Melts and Burners†at where special orders are their specialty.

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