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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Finally! The Secret to True Happiness (and its not love or money)

Will achieving your goals make you happy? Undoubtedly you must believe that or your various ‘wants’ would not be on your list of goals that you wrote after you created your Vision Board. Speak...

Will achieving your goals make you happy?

Undoubtedly you must believe that or your various ‘wants’ would not be on your list of goals that you wrote after you created your Vision Board.

Speaking of your Want List, how many things have you written down?  Strive for at least 30. It’s only the first 7 or 8 that take some hard thinking, after that the wheels are greased and they start tumbling out onto your paper.

But will they actually make you happy once you have them?  Go back to a time when you thought that (car, home, job, partner, bigger salary, a dream vacation) would make you so happy and life would be better.  You wished on stars, you dreamed and then miraculous it appeared in your life (it really wasn’t a miraculous event, you just unconsciously and accidentally tapped into the Law of Attraction). When you got it there was the initial euphoria and the feeling that “finally” you got what you wanted. Touchdown!

Think about how long that feeling lasted?

How long did it take for the ‘newness’ of that accomplishment to wear thin?  The new car needed expensive gas and insurance, the new home came with a mortgage payment, the new job came with a boss who was mean, the new partner had habits that wore thin, the bigger salary didn’t stretch as far as you thought it would.

Eventually you realize you aren’t happy again so the search begins for the next thing that will finally make you happy and the cycle continues.

Picture this: a delivery van pulls into your driveway.  A huge basket is brought to your door.  In that basket are 30 little boxes.  Each of those boxes is labelled with one of your goals (wants). As you open each box, suddenly that goal is manifested in your life! Wow, are you happy, happy!  All of your wants (goals) have simply been dropped in your lap.

But were you really ready for all these ‘gifts’?

Have you heard some of the stories of people who have won huge lotteries?  They have large sums of money, but they are the same people they were before their windfall. Were they ready for the onslaught of calls, letters and people coming to their doors asking for money? And even some threats when they weren’t forthcoming? Were they ready to give up all sense of privacy?  For the emotions that tore through their families?  To move from their home? Ready to hire accountants, lawyers and even security?  I would venture to guess that winning large lotteries has caused more problems in people’s lives that it solves.

So now you are learning about Goal Setting and Achieving. You are making some changes, trying some things that you haven’t tried before.  You have made a Vision Board, a 30 point Want (goal) List that you rewrite every day.  You’ve been doing this for at least a month now …..hmmm….waiting…waiting…fingers drumming on table top. And you’re thinking, “When is this Law of Attraction” thing finally going to ‘work’?”

Maybe this ‘law’ thing is just a hoax, or “it may work for others, but it doesn’t work for me”.  Would you doubt the Law of Gravity? Try stepping off the roof of your house.  Would you doubt that the moon conducts the ebb and flow of the tides?  Ask a sailor what happens if he ignores this. These are laws of physics and we can see them in action. 

The laws, referred to as Universal Laws, we cannot ‘see’ in action with the limitations of our human bodies but are also constantly in action and based on physics.  Because we cannot see them, does that mean they aren’t at work?

Think of getting behind the wheel of a car, starting the engine, stepping on the gas and you just go nowhere.  You get frustrated and you keep trying with the same result. What you don’t know is the car has a standard transmission.  Even if you did, you don’t know how to use it. You could get out and push (try to force) the car to move or you could align yourself with the knowledge and practice required to coordinate your feet and hands in order to operate a standard transmission.  One way fights against natural law while the other aligns and works with it.  Which would you rather do?

These Universal Laws, designed by the Creator of All, are in play whether you believe in them or not. You can never escape them. So, what do you think happens when you actually align, get in sync with them? That is precisely what you are doing as you follow this series of goal setting and achieving articles. Congratulations!

Back to wondering why things aren’t happening quickly enough for you, allow me to introduce you to another Law.  Yes, there are seven Universal Laws.  And several sub-laws come with each one.  If the word ‘law’ makes some free spirits cringe, then just substitute ‘law’ for a more comfortable word.  The fact remains they are immutable. 

This one is the Law of Gender.  It tells you that it takes time to incubate your goals. There is a gestation period.  Some of your goals will manifest more quickly than others.

Here is where faith comes in.  There is no written list of gestation periods to tell you how long it is going to take to ‘attract that ideal man/woman’, ‘put that $100,000 in your bank account’, ’take that dream vacation’, ‘receive that degree’. It will happen when the time is right. 

The Masters will show you how, give you the steps and keep you uplifted if you stay focused on their messages while you brush those doubting thoughts aside. Our egos can’t tell us when the time is right, we have to trust and have faith in the “laws”.

Yes, you can put a timeline on each of your goals.  Some teachers insist on it. The purpose is to give you a finish line, something to keep you focused, something to pull the trigger of the starting pistol and put you into action.  And if your goal doesn’t appear at that time, you remember that there are no unreasonable goals, just unreasonable timelines, and you draw another finish line.  Allow that goal to incubate to maturity.

So no, it is not the manifestation of your goals that will make you happy.

Are you ready to hear what will?

Drum roll please…..

It is the person you become while striving for your goal that will make you happy!

It is a process, the knowledge you receive, the new paths you walk, the awakening and widening of the circle of your world.  The changes you make within you.  THIS is what will make you happy. THEN the material and non-material things that come into your life as your goals will be the icing on the cake and be so much more delicious!

Your assignment:

Prioritize your Goal List.  Choose your most desired goals and put an “A” beside them.  Put a “B” beside your next most desired goals and if there are any left, put a “C” beside them.

On your “A” list choose one goal above all that is your highest goal.  This goal should be something that makes you tingle when you think of yourself having achieved it. It should be something you are passionate, excited about. It should also be a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for you. 

You may be thinking that if you only concentrate on one top goal, what about the others?  Well, we already know that the Universe is perfection and when you place your focus on and efforts in your highest goalFree Web Content, the others just follow along like soldiers in procession and fall into place!  So be sure that your highest goal really is your highest goal and not one you think ‘should’ be your highest goal.  Energy flows where your concentration goes. Concentrate on that Highest Goal.

© Lynn Moore 2007

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Lynn Moore is a Life Clarity Coach whose specialized niche is educating and encouraging the Family Woman in Business to set and achieve her goals successfully. Lynn has a unique ability to see the bottom line and see it quickly helping you find your hidden solutions. She is a cheerleading, straight talking coach, full of heart and humour with only the best outcome in mind for her clients. Lynn can be reached at and you can visit her website at where you can sign up for her free newsletter, “Clear Directions”.

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