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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Ignite The Passion

Performance, and how to go about increasing it, is at the forefront of thinking in so many aspects of modern day life. The increase in performance can be related to a profession, or education, sport and life in general

In all cases, the responsibility to increase performance lies with the individual involved. That is, although there maybe others involved in the process of increasing performance, the ultimate responsibility for this performance lies with the individual.The role of the leader, coach, teacher, manager, parent etc obviously includes increasing performance. However the bottom line is you cannot make some one increase their performance unless they have a desire, passion, commitment and willingness to do so.As we have outlined many times the answer to how you go about increasing performance is not that difficult. Select an outcome, devise a strategy that when followed, will achieve the outcome and have a few reasons why you want topursue this process and attain your outcome. Simple.In theory, yes. In practical terms, probably not so. As no doubt we have both witnessed many times that most people know what to do to achieve success, but then again they don't always do what they know. Why is that? Good question. One that we should answer in an upcoming edition of The Full Nelson.So as a leader how is it that you can get people to increase their performance?The answer is split into two parts. The first part is that in the process or strategy to achieve the goals, it should include the basic, yet vitally important activities thatneed to be followed.Examples could be:Improved swimming performance††† -Pool training X 10 per week††† -Gym training X 3 per week††† -Follow nutrition plan††† -Follow psychology strategyImproved Guitar playing††† -Learn to read music††† -Have lessons twice per week††† -Practise 2 hours everyday††† -Practise and play with other people††† -Go to performances and watch other musiciansIn each of these examples you could take what has been outlined and break it down even further. But once that is done, the performance improvement comes from following the outlined steps.As a leader you can and will increase performance simply by getting those around you to follow the outlined process or plan with an increased focus commitment and frequency.However, the focus for the leader should not just be about making sure the people they lead to follow the process that has been created to achieve the goals.There is a responsibility for the leader to develop within each and every team member a passion for the outcome they are pursuing or the situation in which they are involved.If as a leader you can develop this passion in someone, then eventually there will be no need for you to be constantly focusing the team member toward the process.The reason being, because of this increased emotion toward the outcome or situation, there will be an increase in the preparedness to do whatever it takes to see the outcome or goal achieved.So as the leader, your goal is to balance the focus of the team member between process and passion. Now the levels of passion will be different for everyone at every stage of the pursuit of each and every goal.Be aware of where each and everyone is at and at all times. By doing this it will allow you to create strategies for each individual. Your purpose being to have each individual focused on process and driven by passion.It should also be mentioned however, there will be times when no matter how good the leader is, there will not be a passion toward what is being pursued. This is where the element of discipline and or teamwork come into their own.The ability to do what is required, how it is required and when. This will come about because of the environment, culture respect and attitude of the people associated towards the area being pursued. If as a leader you have done your job rightFind Article, this will not be a problem.© 2008 Total Performance Concepts Pty LtdFor More Information Visit Or Email us

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Bill Nelson is an elite international sporting coach who has turned his knowledge of developing peak team and individual performance into a world-class corporate consultancy, Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd.Billís wisdom of the science of motivation, performance coaching, team building and the development of organisational culture has been utilised by business organisations, defence forces, educational institutions, local government, and elite sporting programs throughout the world.

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