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Monday, July 6, 2020
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It's a Wonderful Life

It's a ... LifeIn November 1996 I was made ... from a senior role within the ... banking ... I felt lost. I looked for a new role in the ... and with many ... a

It's a Wonderful Life

In November 1996 I was made redundant from a senior role within the Investment banking industry; I felt lost. I looked for a new role in the newspapers and with many recruitment agencies, nothing even sparked my interest. No surprise, I was unsuccessful at all interviews, there was not a new job for me.

In February 1997 I got the message that changed my life forever.

At the insistence of a close friend I had gone to visit Jean Clarke, a Colonic therapist. During the first minute of my initial visit to Jean, she said had a message for me, but was dubious about giving me the message. I insisted.

The message was that the man in front of her (me) felt his life was over and the affect of this would be this. Within two years I would become seriously ill and die within five years. Even the love of for my wife and two young sons would not be enough to keep me here. I had given none of this personal information to Jean.

I was shaken; Jeans' message resonated with me as no other ever had. After twenty frustrating years in business life I did feel my life was over. I felt I had been there and done it many times over, there was little more left for me to achieve.

The information came to her as a message. There was another message; if I changed my life and turned towards a role of helping people I would have a long and happy life ahead of me.

The veils began to lift from my eyes. I felt I had hope and my life changed that day in that room in South London. I always bless Jean for being my messenger and guide during this period of my life.

I decided to turn my back on my previous professional life and seek a new path. Fear and excitement came in equal measure, as I once again became a student. This time I was an eager and in time a humble student.

For the past six years my life has been a rollacoaster of emotion, fear, joy, happiness and loneliness. I knew the general direction I had to travel with no idea as to the specifics.

I have always been and remain a true skeptic, open-minded and willing to try.

I journeyed to places I could not have imagined myself going. I first became attuned to Reiki healing and found my life changing. I began to link with wonderful enthusiastic people.

I continued my studies in the area of healing such as bio-energy, Journeywork, Higher Self work (which Jean introduced me to) and many other studies.

I also decided to develop my conscious or unconscious skills. I studied NLP, Timeline, Covey techniques and many more. I found all of these techniques fascinating.

I enthusiastically traveled both the healing and practitioner routes. After three years I discovered, they were the same route. As I grew within myself I discovered they were all parts of a toolkit to help in the process of healing.

It was always about my personal growth. Whether I was working upon myself or another person, I was always facing a part of my own transition. Whatever the issue, I felt that when I was ready, I was always supplied with the true answer. I often did not understand the question posed, but trusted in the answer. The gift, my faith began to take on a more powerful role in my life.

People ask me what has changed in my life. All I can say is that I have experienced and continue to experience greater feelings of peace, joy and happiness than ever before in my life.

I felt my passed was spent swimming against the current. Now I spend a great deal of time in still warm waters. At times I also experience the joy of being ‘in the flow' and moving with the current; an astonishing experience.

If I get down, it is only for short periods before I bounce back. In the past depressions stayed with me for days or even weeks. In fact as I look back with hindsight upon my earlier life I believe I felt depressed for most of it.

I have stopped blaming other for events that happen in my life and take responsibility for every aspect of my life. I sometimes knee-jerk into blame, but I soon recover and see it differently. A most empowering feeling

As I felt many of the fears and worries leave my life, I was better able to be me and empathize with others.

My role was only ever to heal myself. Also to help others, if I can, do the same.

Many of us travel a path of pain and depression. Whilst buried in this illusion, many just wish to create or own physical demise, as I did.

If you are in this place there is another way. You do not have to develop a life threatening illness to begin change. It is up to you.

Written by John MitchellFeature Articles, Professional Life & Power Coach and creator of the online life change programme Lifeline web address

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A professional Life and Power coach, living in the UK, creator and designer of Satori LifeLine Personal Development Programme at

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