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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Law of Arrtaction (part 2 of 4)

Do you know or celebrate "creation day" no? Well maybe you should. Creation day is detailed in this second of four parts of the law of attraction. We are all a part of the universe and each has that spark of life. Read how you can start your own "creation-day" and be the creator of your own world. If your not able to imagine what it is you can do or how much fun you can have doing on.

(Why you should attract personal & professional prosperity)I introduced some of you in part one to the laws of attraction and how we sabotage our dreams with underlying fears. The focus of your thoughts and feelings is your reality being written.

One of the most difficult things for people to start feeling is love and respect for oneself. This is not about arrogance or selfishness; those thoughts were placed there by others when you were too young to filter their short-falls for yourself. How do you expect anyone to love you if you transmit lack of love and respect for yourself? Under the immutable laws of attraction your underlying fear, the pre-“dominant” feelings you have about your future is what you will create. If you now know this is the basis of your universe then start thinking and feeling like a winner. Yes it may feel like a lie at first but don’t worry that is not your fault. But keep thinking and feeling what you really want to happen and you will start to resonate with those thoughts.


Here are some fun things to do (not try) DO! So you can start to feel how success feels. It is important to understand that I want you to put a single day INTO you life that is full of what you WANT to happen, yes a whole DAY!

• Go take a look at the type of house you have always wanted, stand in it, imagine you live there, imagine sleeping there, cooking there. Then go outside and look at your dream car on the drive (If you really want it to happen take a test drive in the real thing after the viewing).

• Now go shopping, try on the sort of things you have always wanted to. (Don’t be tempted to buy on plastic). You’re putting these on for size because in a few months you will be buying these things.

• Go get some holiday brochures and take them to a coffee shop to study (not flick through). Imagine you are at those locations, doing all the things you want to do. Every thought and feeling has an action and reaction so make them positive, positive, positive!

Plan to inject one positive day per month into your life, create that day ahead of time, and imagine all the things you would do. You will have noticed that I have suggested all this in the language of the laws of attraction. You are not taking a day off because that infers a loss or something that has been taken out. You are ADDING INTO YOUR LIFE an important day once a month. This includes NOT LISTENTING TO BAD NEWS or reading negative reports about the world. This is your creation day!The great thing about the law of attraction is that the moment you start using it correctly you just seem to know. Take the suggestions above for instance, if you think they are crazy and will not make a difference then “Your wish is my command.” If on the other hand you get so into the idea and the spirit of the day, thoughts and feelings well done! You are transmitting to the universe powerful emotional signals that WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

Many people seem to think that reading books or articles such as this will change their lives for the better. Strange as it may sound and as funny as the idea is…Would you go buy some bookshelves from Ikea (or where ever) unpack the wood, screws and glue, sit and read the instructions and expect the bookshelf magically build itself? No of course not so what makes you think that by reading (and only reading) self-help information life is going to change…You have to DO because no one is going to do it for you.


Do you like driving those long country roads at night with nothing to light your way but the headlamps on your car? Like all things in life each forward motion comes with limited vision of what is to come. We can only see a few meters into the distance when we drive on an unlit road but even that small amount of vision allows us to travel many hundreds of miles if we wish to.

Your journey will unfold no matter where you are or how much you move or decided not to move forward. It is enough to know that life will simply unfold a little at a time and always takes you in the direction of your most predominate underlying thought. I have often heard people and news reporters referring to a group of individuals as a “Think-Tank.” Great sounding label and we have been taught to imagine it means a bunch of brainy people getting together unusually to make a choice for us we may not like. We are our own “Think-tanks” and like government “think-tanks” we normally forget to put the right fuel in. Whatever you have filled you’re “Think-tank” (mind) with, whatever the underlying driving force that moves you in life. It must be of the right emotional quality and have a stability that will be a constant positive force for your journey.

Just keep in mind that every thoughtBusiness Management Articles, feeling and emotion you create is the fuel that drives you forward into a future YOU CREATE. Now what are you going to put into your “Think-tank?”

The third part of this small contribution tells you how to explore and exploit your own potential. It’s designed to show you just how easy or difficult you can make the next few months of your life. Remember at every moment of every day you can start to make these changes. Part three looks at the people and circumstances around you and asks the question…”Do you believe (deep down) you deserve success?”Part four (the final part) introduces the idea of contradictive thought and why War is allowed to exist. See you in part three….

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Jason has spent time with South American healers, masters of HYpnosis and NLP around the world. He runs his own hypnosis and NLP website and clinic (In wiltshire) and give talks to groups and compaies all over the world. is one of his sites with his unique twist on reality. A leading life-coach and personal mental trainer to some VIP sports and corporate personalities. art of nlp was founded on the idea that not all communication is transmitted outward, much is used to limit ourselves and requires an internal mind-shift. Jason Rife awaits your requect.

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