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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Meaningful Minds

It’s rather hard to imagine our lives without our minds, for I seriously doubt we could imagine anything. We would probably resemble all those ........

... mindless creepy creatures in us we need to nourish everyday; but since we realize we need them to exist, we shouldn’t mind.

However, I still don’t mind saying that a mind without an imagination will always remain a creepy thing...for without our imagination, we wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge in our minds.

Our minds and imaginations, when co-operating, make a very highly efficient and exceptional team – we blazon forth with an assortment of splendid, flashy, and magnificent speculative notions. Without them, we would never be capable of relishing the delight of a stroll in a warm summer rain, relaxing on a mesa on the desert contemplating a beautiful sunset, snoring in a forest under the stars, watching the clouds roll by, noticing your tire is flat, nor any of the other wonders of life – and we surely couldn’t imagine what the _______(you fill in the blank space) this is all about.

If we consumed more of our time exercising our minds and imaginations, there’s no imagining what we could imagine to accomplish with them. We could practice by imagining that politicians were honest, we won the lottery, the IRS sends us a refund instead of an audit notice, or that our blind date is perfect. But just imagine if we had the imagination of a child.

When a child is playing with an imaginary friend, we imagine the child’s friend is imaginary – but in the child’s mind, his imaginary friend is not imaginary, it’s real! It’s real because we live our lives in our minds.

Our biological mind is an ultra-elaborate, and magnificent conglomeration of genetic engineering. It embodies all types of neat stuff – nerve cells, synapses, glia, neurotransmitters, cortex, occipital lobe, thalamus, hippo campus, amygdala, and all enclosed by the cerebral cortex – of course; it has an abundance of other compact and tidy systems.

It goes about its duty 24 hours a day, everyday, for every second of our lives. As with our other parts, it needs to be exercised. And how do we do that? This is the really great part – it’s easy! We learn! It’s like a sponge; it has all this tremendous capacity and monstrous capabilities. It wants to soak up knowledge constantly, and show off what it can do. We need to read, play, write, work word puzzles, figure, walk, run, think, tell good jokes, see, hear, taste, smell touch, be aware, eat healthy food, increase our morals, observe, learn new skills, talk, sing, orate, instruct, make decisions, and as you know, we could go on for months. But, if you don't mind, I would rather not!

And just what are some of the benefits of nourishing our fabulous minds? The more you ingest new knowledge into the wee brain cells, the more they send out axions and dentrites to other brain cells to spread the good news about how smart they are becoming, and naturally that increases their abilities to more efficiently increase the health of your body. 

Plus, you now become a much more interesting individual, which in turn makes you more interesting to be with, which in turn attracts many more good and interesting friends.

Another hugh positive is that you become more aware of the beautiful world we live in, you learn of more and wonderful ways to increase your abilities to increase your income, and decrease your outgo, you discover more fantastic ways to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones...which in turn increases your happiness!

So if you don't mind me saying soPsychology Articles, go ahead and increase the power of your'll love it!

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