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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Optimistic Optimism

Naturally, every bundle of organic DNA that is refered to as a human being experience those times in our lives, no matter how hard we strive, when things just seem to work against us. And sure as the day is long, someone comes along and says “cheer up.” 

Granted, there are, and always will be, possibilities...the problem, with me anyway, is that when I feel down, all I want to do is smack someone, or something---so what I do is go into my bedroom, grab a pillow, and beat the _____ aah, feathers out of it. 

At least, that releases all of the built-up tension inside of me...which in turn allows me to accomplish something that makes me feel a lot better, so I let my brain escort my body into the bathroom to introduce it to a nice warm bath or shower.  While doing so, I do not allow any negative thoughts to cross my conscious mind---whatever caused me to feel low will still be there later.

Rather, I do my ___________(you fill in the blank space) best to concentrate on some of the wonderful experiences of my childhood---such as my first snowfall, my first rain, and other memories that me me feel good to be alive.  And if that doesn't work, I make sure that I take an interesting book or magazine with me.

After pampering myself for awhile, its time to concentrate on building my optimism up.  Should I call a good friend who is always positive about themselves and life?  Maybe go on the web and seek out some really funny jokes to make me laugh?  Am I getting enough sleep?  Am I ingesting too much junk food, and not enough of fruits and vegetables?

Am I around a particular individual when my optimism seems to disappear?  Do I need to begin reading some positive thinking books?  Maybe I should decorate my abode with some beautiful scenic pictures with positive quotations on them?

If you happen to be like me, I seem to require some positive encouragement on a regular basis so I can motivate all those dentrites and axions in my brain to get all excited and make some new connections to more of the positive neurons.  Then I need to find a “neuron eraser” to get rid of the negative ones.

As I am involved with lots of young folks, one of the things I tell them to do is to ask themselves what the first thing that comes to mind when they awake each day.  Nine out of ten times it is something akin to “Dang it, I have to go to work.”  As a matter of course, they have just convinced themselves that they are going to have a very negative day. So I reach into my big bag of “optimistic optimisms”  and ask them another question, and answer it myself.

What do you do when you are enjoying yourself?  You are using your muscles, thinking,  walking, talking, sometimes feeling happy and sometimes sad, sometimes feeling mad and sometimes glad, and sometimes you cry and sometimes you laugh.  Isn't that the same things you do when you are working?  Of course it is!

Keeping on, I then explain that all they have to do when they get up is tell themselves that “Gee, I get to go play today and get paid for it.”  So delve inside your brain, go to the heading titled “labor”, scroll down to the word “work”Health Fitness Articles, and drag it over under the heading “play.” 

Practice that everyday and I assure you that you will wake up one morning and find yourself experiencing that fantastic feeling of being optimistic and actually looking forward to going to “play.”

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