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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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The Law of Attraction - Ethics, Choices, Consequences

How can you say the Law of Attraction works – when you entered Federal prison? Can it be that the environment that we find ourselves in – we actually drew to us? Good or bad, are we the creators of our experience? Read this and understand the power we have to create want or plenty.

It was a crisp October day in 1995, a day I hoped would never arrive. As we drove up to my newfound destination, I opened the car door, stepped out on the curb and 23 steps into a life changing experience. I walked in to Federal prison.

What I did not understand then, and likely would not have believed then, was that the outer circumstances I was experiencing was a direct result of my inner state of mind. Simply put, I was not the victim of my circumstances; I was the architect of them. Because of my beliefs, my thoughts, and my actions -- I had created the perfect environment for my learning. Of course, learning was the last thing I had on my mind as I walked through those prison doors.

In his book, “Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke...," Randy Gage, international speaker (, shares powerful lessons about why millions of people fail to achieve their greatest health, happiness or prosperity. While not new material, Randy, in his own unique style presents the concepts of accountability in abundance in a way that few have the courage to present. Frankly, Randy is one of the best presenters I’ve had the privilege to hear.

Randy states, “You attract and manifest everything that happens to you. It is the law of attraction. We attract what we think about -- that which we lust after, and that which we fear. Anything that consumes our thoughts gets manifested in the real world.”

I must admit, it took me years. Following this painful experience to understand that I was solely responsible. Every choice that I made -- even the tiny ones that seem insignificant -- contributed to the overall consequence. I had chosen to live a life of illusion -- appearing to be something and someone I was not. At the time I did not understand that the conscious choices I was making were based on subconscious beliefs. The extraordinary misfortune of being sentenced to prison was really the culmination of so many bad choices made earlier.

There is a spiritual law, whether we like it or not, we are forced to live by. You reap what you sow! If the thoughts that permeate your being are in alignment with your higher self, you can expect health, happiness and prosperity. Unfortunately, so many of us find that we make decisions and choices that do not serve us. We can create one bad experience after another, and never understand that we are not the victims.

Night after night, when lights were out behind prison walls, I heard inmate after inmate bemoan their circumstance and claim to be a victim. After all, it wasn't their fault. Someone else should have gotten caught. If only someone had been there to help them. I mean, really, what can you expect, I am disenfranchised by “the man”. Me? I was guilty. I had made choices that brought me despair, sadness and shame. Yet, there was one thing that I did know, everything happens for a reason and this was my time to learn.

In Randy's book -- the chapter on “Letting Go of Victimhood,” Randy describes the cyclical trap that so many of us get caught in. He states the process as follows:

1. The programming you are exposed to create your core -- your foundational beliefs.

2. These core beliefs help you develop your vision of your life.

3. Your vision creates results that conform to it.

What you see, you shall someday be. There is no judgment in that statement. The universe does not judge our choices or our outcomes. Rather, the universe delivers consistently, what we truly desire. Just as our programming can create negative cycles in our lives, such as money worries or consistently poor relationships, we have the power to create a positive vision.

As much as it saddens me to say it, programming, early on, set into motion the patterns I lived my life by. I, like most people, was unaware of the power of the patterning I received and the consequences that would follow my choices. He would never have convinced me as a child, or even as a college student that I would end up in prison. Yet, looking back, I consistently exhibited behavior that any rational person would have known was wrong.

Good news! We can change our patterns. We can change our choices. And, the consequences of our actions, can lead us to happiness and prosperity in life. Is easy? No! But, it can be done. I am living proof. Once I recognized the destructive patterns I was living, I made a choice to change. Of course, I have to admit it took been stripped of my marriage, my possessions and my career -- while sitting in prison -- to get it. I, like so many, had to change my inner attitude, so I can experience prosperity and happiness.

Just like the message stated in “The Secret,” ( which is sold over 6 million copies, there are laws in the universe, which will give you predictable results. The Law of Attraction does not judge what you want. It only delivers.

Looking back on my prison experience 12 years ago, people often ask, “So, what was it like? Or, what did you learn?” My response? “It was the best experience of my life -- in that, it helped me learn about me and understand more fully. My life's purpose.” Today, I am blessed to have the opportunity to share this experience with others as a motivational speaker ( -- perhaps helping them find their own truth. And create their own abundance and prosperity.

Every choice has a consequence. It can be either negative or positive. Whatever the consequence, we attracted it. Therefore, we have the power to choose, whatever consequence we prefer. Choose wisely, look past life’s illusionsFind Article, and claim your success.

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On a crisp October day in 1995, Chuck Gallagher took 23 physical steps… opened a door… and began a new experience that was life-changing. In a style that is far more vulnerable than most motivational keynote speakers, Chuck shares the painful lessons of his life with his audience and touches them forever. For information on Chuck's presentations...visit:

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