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Friday, January 24, 2020
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5 Handy Dandy Ways to Promote Your Website

... your website can be very costly to say the least. But it doesn't have to cost ... to build a ... online ... It just takes a bit oftime and a lot of ... Here are 5 c

Promoting your website can be very costly to say the
least. But it doesn't have to cost thousands to build
a successful online business. It just takes a bit of
time and a lot of ingenuity.

Here are 5 clever and cost effective ways you can
boost your visitor counts and your hopefully your
bank accounts!

1.Cross Promoting Can Increases Profits.

This is how it's done. Find other businesses that have the
same target market, but that are not direct competitors.
Then propose a partnership. There are many ways to find
prospective partners.

Subscribe to ezines, join discussion groups, forums and
newsgroups that share your target market.You can also
search in search engines and directories to find
businesses that target your market.

Let your contact list and subscribers know that you are
interested in cross promoting your products and services
Post it on your Web site. Don't be shy!

There are many benefits to cross promoting. You will save
money on advertising and marketing costs. It can save you
time, work, help you get new referrals, customers plus
access to new products and services.

2. Linking with a Twist.

It is important to get other sites to link to yours.
It increases your popularity even your rankings.
You can put a links page on your site but getting people
to link to you with out some incentive is a different
story. But if you add this little twist your sure to
get the links.

Create a directory of websites on a specific topic.
Give people the option of adding the directory to
their web site by linking to it. Put your business
advertisement at the top of the directory.
This technique will give people a reason to link to your
site by giving them added content for their visitors
and it will get you free advertising.

3. Autoresponders Work Wonders.

Aweber and Get Response do this all the time. You get
a free auto-responder they get to put their ad inside.
So instead of just swapping ads trade auto-responder
ads with other businesses. If both of you send out
information with auto-responders just exchange a
small classified ad to put at the bottom or top of
each other's auto-responder message. This would work
great with email courses too.

4 We all Need Good Content.

You need fresh content for your ezine or website why
not exchange content with other web sites and newsletters.
You could swap articles, tips, ect. You both include
a resource box or a link at the end of the content.
And both of you get more exposure.

5. Everyone Loves a Hot Tip.

So share yours daily, weekly whenever you can.
You can offer them in a newsletter on a tip sheet or
record them on your voice mail. Try you
can get a free voice mail account to get you going.

You can even have your tips syndicated. Try Just imagine your insightful
information spreading all over the web!

Try to keep the tips relevant to your business. Include
a link to your web site or business in the mix and
you have got it made.

The whole idea is to promote your business without blowing
your budget. These simple ideas are just the start. Take
thenPsychology Articles, improve on them add your own special twist.
The possibilities are endless!
Now the only thing you need to do is go find partners.
I'm always looking. :)

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