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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is the effective way of bringing traffic to your website whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player. To get traffic from free methods are time consuming and need some experience. PPC is the best answer for your immediate traffic needs.The key word, the bid amount, the product and your sales page all together play a vital role in your pay per click campaign..                Internet business promotor

Pay per click is the effective way of bringing traffic to your website whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player. Search engine optimization forum membership and article submission are some of other ways to bring free traffic. But to get result from these methods takes a long time and you have to get some experience in the online field. Pay per click is the best answer for your immediate expectation of bringing in more traffic to your website. As the name suggests you will pay for the actual click the visitors click on your advertisement. The visitor will be taken to your sales page or your affiliate marketing site upon clicking the ad. You will have a link with key words in your advertisement to the desired page. Selection of profitable keyword The key word is the most important component of your pay per click ad campaign. PPC is working on this principle of selecting a key word and getting link to your page through this key word. You have to bid for the key word and your ad will be placed in the order of the bid value. If your bid is higher your ad will be placed on top of all the ads for that particular key word. The worthiness of your ad campaign depends on the selection of the perfect key word pertaining to your niche. If your niche field is on 'soft toys', then select the appropriate key word the buyers would use to search It is not that difficult to select a key word. Just step into the shoes of the buyer and think about deeply which key word you would use when you have decided to buy a soft toy online. The website word tracker will help you to chose the perfect key word you are looking for. Get details about the frequencies of search through the particular key words and the number of competing sites for that key words. Do not select the key word for which the competition is high, as it will be difficult to get into the top 10 positions. Select the key word for which the search frequency is high but the competition is low. Zero in on the some what frequently searched key words for which there is less competition. Don't waste money on less frequently searched keywords. It is not possible to select the most profitable key word in your first attempt itself. It is an trial and error process. Chose a key word which you think is most appropriate and will be profitable and start your campaign immediately. Track your campaign and slowly zero in on the most profitable key word. Take into consideration the 'Law Of Average' rule Low of average is applied to all sales whether it is online or offline. The law of average varies from product to product. It is nothing but the real conversion of sales. It denotes the actual buyers from among the visitors of your website. For a particular the conversion may be 5 among 100 visitors and for some other product it may be 10 among 100 visitors. The niche field you have selected, the demand for the product, the quality of the product and the company, all play a vital role in judging the conversion rate. After approximately deciding the law of average for your product you can calculate the profit per sale and then decide on the bid value for your key word. Pay per click service providers There are so many pay per click service providers. Google and yahoo are among the most prominent ones. Before choosing the service provider, take into consideration their marketing credibility and traffic rank. Some offer value added services like analyzing the market demand for your product or the niche markets to target your ad. Provide them the complete details of your product, the target area and what you are expecting. Select the suitable key word after going through the feed back provided by them. You can bid for as low as $0.05 to$1 and more. The pay per click service provider will track your ad campaign calculate the number of visitors clicked on your ad and deduct the amount according to your bid from your account. Sales Page Selecting the perfect key word will bring in more traffic. But using the huge traffic for more profitable conversions (sales) depends on your landing page or the sales page. The landing page is the page the visitors will finally see after clicking your pay per click ad. Display the full features of your product and give concession or bonus to attract more conversions. Place compulsive information and compelling action to be taken, so that your visitors will be induced to swipe their card immediately. Place action buttons like 'buy now' 'best price now' and 'last two days' etc. Budgeting and planning your pay per click campaign is more important so that you would not burn your fingers before making any reasonable profit. The key word, the bid amount, the product and your sales page all together play a vital role in your pay per click campaign. Author Information: It will be happy to get free traffic through search engine optimizationScience Articles, submitting to web directories and article submission. But these are all time consuming and PPC is the best immediate answer to get traffic to your web site. Start your pay per click campaign and simultaneously start your free marketing efforts. Pay per clicks

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