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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Paying Too Much For Pro Internet Marketing Tools?

Ready For An ... ... You can't row a boat without an oar or build a house without a hammer. And, you can't build an online business without ... online ... tools. Sadly, t

Ready For An Interesting Alternative?

You can't row a boat without an oar or build a house without a hammer. And, you can't build an online business without essential online marketing tools. Sadly, thousands try (unsuccessfully) everyday.

Those who do use online tools are generally paying far too much for them because they haven't yet looked into the alternative. We'll tell you about that in a minute, but first...

What's the most important tool we need? A website, of course. No brainer. Without a website potential customers can't find out if we have what they need.

Next, you should at least have an autoresponder to help automate your marketing efforts and an ad tracker to keep track of which ads are pulling and which are a waste of time. These two are a "must have".

Hold up a minute...

Before we go any further, let's establish that we do not recommend using a complimentary autoresponder, ad tracker or any other no cost marketing tool. We all know that you don't get something for nothing, don't we?

Who, in their right mind, is going to "give" you a professional marketing
tool without somehow extracting something from you in return? A crazy multi-millionaire?

No-cost autoresponders usually have other people's ads on the message your responder sends out. Do you really want your potential customers to see someone else's ad on your promo message? We didn't think so.

A good autoresponder generally costs around $20 monthly and a decent ad tracker around $20 a month. That totals $40. There's no longer a need to pay that much!

Those who sell online tools at those prices may give all kinds of reasons why theirs is worth the price. And, maybe it is. If the product is good and the buyer is happy, we don't have a problem with them charging what the buyer will pay.

That's capitalism at work. We once paid those prices. We no longer do that.

So, what's the alternative to paying high prices for Internet marketing
tools (without having to give up quality)?

It's called "bundled" services. This is when a company takes multiple
products or services and bundles them into a neat package so that the consumer gets several services at a considerable lesser rate than if they bought them separately.

You've probably noticed the major telecommunications and TV cable companies bundling services recently. It's very effective. The consumer wins and the companies benefit. You'll be seeing more of it.


Look for an Internet marketing tools company that offers "solid" tools and not "fluff". Those that offer fluff are only interested in taking your money and giving you as little as possible (thereby increasing their profits). We've seen a bunch of these.

Fluff stuff can be things like: eCourse training (instead of "live" support), an eBook bonus that you can get anywhere for nothing, "insider secrets" reports, etc., things that are solid workable tools at all.

By the way, there are no "insider secrets". If the supposed marketing
strategies worked so well and they have been secret, why would they tell you? Wouldn't they keep it to themselves and become gazillionaires?

Solid tools are things like: an autoresponder & list manager, ad tracker, URL rotator system, online conferencing center, "live" training & support, etc., workable tools to help in building your online business.

Note: There is nothing inherently wrong with eCourse training, eBooks, special reports or other informational products (in their right place). ButFind Article, trying to pass them off as a substitute for solid tools is not the place.

The hallmark of a good Internet marketing tools company (or any type of company) is one that operates on the "Golden Rule Principle". They give you more in product "use value" than what you pay.

The products or services are actually "useful" in building your business and the seller sees that you receive an abundance of them.

This creates a happy and loyal customer who will tell their friends. You and your friends are winners and the seller certainly is too. That's the way to run a business!

How can you know when you've found such a company? Look at the product usefulness. Are they solid tools or fluff? Are you getting your money's worth or paying for hype?

Are there any Internet marketing tool companies that operate on this principle and have bundled a useful arsenal of online tools at a reasonable price?

Not many. We found a few. Only one or two are extraordinary.

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Rob and Mona Decker have been full-time home-biz networkers for nine years and thrive on helping others find their home-based business niche. Their current focus is matching online business builders with quality Internet marketing tools that fit their budget.

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